Smita Sahu Portrait

Dr Smita Sahu


My research interests include mathematical modeling for lithium-ion batteries, computational methods for lithium-ion batteries, numerical methods for Hamilton-Jacobi equations, nondestructive testing of metals, and traffic flow models. Currently, I am focused on developing novel mathematical models of lithium-ion cells and fast solvers for physics-based models.

I am also one of the developers of DandeLiion, an ultra-fast solver for electrochemical models of planar lithium-ion cells and thermal-electrochemical models of three-dimensional composite pouch cells. DandeLiion is a collaborative project between the University of Portsmouth, University of Southampton, and Imperial College London, and is funded by the Faraday Institution under the Multiscale Modelling project. It solves models of the form first described by Doyle, Fuller, and Newman in the mid-90s, commonly known as either Newman models or porous electrode theory.

Teaching responsibilities

Nonlinear Dynamics M20725 : Year 3 module - TB1
Statistical Learning M30920 : Year 3 module - TB2


Current PhD student

Joseph Petrassem De Sousa

Second supervisor

Provisional: Doctoral Student

Project title: Mathematical modelling of coffee brewing