Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and founder of Suada

I’m absolutely delighted to be an Entrepreneur in Residence – empowering the next generation with the most important life skill, how to be persuasive and influential using the power of words.

David Thomson, Founder and CEO of Suada

David Thomson is Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and founder of Suada, a sales training and coaching company.

David is a practised and passionate speaker, coach, consultant and advisor. His company offers coaching that covers all of the essentials of sales – positive mental attitude, negotiation, influence, questions are the answer, fact-finding, framing, neuro-linguistic programming, opening, pitching and closing.

A veteran of several start-ups (David successfully ran 2 other businesses before Suada) David is a Napolean Hill certified instructor, a qualified life coach, and one of only 19 trainers personally trained and endorsed by Dr Robert Cialdini to teach his POP (Principles of Persuasion) workshop.

David is dyslexic and struggled at school. He joined the army and came out of the forces with enough money to pay off his loans and buy a green Ford Capri his friends called Kermit. At the age of 21 he got a job packing Doc Marten boots, but it was a chance encounter with a book which changed his life – William Clement Stone's 'The Success System That Never Fails'.

The book spoke to him and he took a new path – after six interviews and a lot of persuasion he secured a sales role at a mortgage company. Every moment he was in his car travelling to this job, he listened to business and personal development audio cassettes, learning from the greats and growing the belief that if the likes of Clement Stone and Napoleon Hill could go from rags to riches, why couldn't he?

David's philosophy is that if you're prepared to be outrageously brave, and you're prepared to follow it with determined action and hard work, then you can achieve your wildest dreams.

Interview with David Thomson

Hear David talk about his rags to riches story and why he chose to become an Entrepreneur in Residence.

Jaimes Harrington

Hello and welcome to Business Talk. My name is Jaimes Harrington, and today I'm delighted to be joined by one of our newly appointed entrepreneurs in residence, David Thomson. Hello, David, and welcome to Business Talk.

David Thomson

Hey. Welcome, welcome.

Jaimes Harrington

Thank you so much for taking time out to speak with me today. Here at Business Talk, we are really excited to announce that the University of Portsmouth Entrepreneurs In Residence Programme has grown from 14 to 22 entrepreneurs.

Jaimes Harrington

So, David, you describe your career as a Hollywood blockbuster. And can you, for our viewers, just give a brief summary about yourself and your career?

David Thomson

Yeah, well, starting out in life, my beginning was really hard. So by the time I was 10 years old, I lived in nine different houses, been to five different schools. And, you know, so it was-- it was a tough upbringing. One of the houses I lived in was a children's home. So, you know, that's not what you would say sets you up for success in life.

David Thomson

At 16, I left school with zero qualifications and, you know, I'm dyslexic. So when-- in the 80s, when I was going through my schooling, they didn't have dyslexia as a condition. People just couldn't have that. So they just thought I was a bit thick. And from my perspective, I always thought, well, I wanted to be successful. I was pretty good at sport. And I grew up in pubs and clubs, you know, and I'd seen other people winning and I was quite good at winning. So I wanted like that success. But most people that looked at me, they'd have gone, well, he's in rags and he's going to stay in rags.

But at 16, I left school and joined the army. I became a soldier. Learnt to box. And I became tough which was one of the things I wanted to do in life. You know you want to do that to protect yourself when you've gone through like abuse. We all know people that go through abuse. I just-- just didn't want it. And I wante

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