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I’m absolutely delighted to be an Entrepreneur in Residence. I see it as a great opportunity to share my experience and learning with those that are about to embark on their own business journey.

Sarah Goodall, Founder of Tribal Impact

Sarah is the founder and tribal chief of Tribal Impact, a digital marketing agency specialising in social media.

Sarah believes in the power of the employee voice, that when employees connect, tell stories and build real and authentic relationships over social media it’s a good for business. She advocates for the fact that employees are the experts in their field, they're close to customers and customers trust them most.

After more than 20 years in B2B technology marketing at some of the biggest companies (like IBM, SAP and Hitachi), Sarah decided to make the leap and start her own business. Sarah is now 'living the dream' working alongside gifted people, curious customers and smart partners.

Sarah's journey with social media started back in 2009 when she wrote a blog about living in Norway and then started using Twitter. This led to her leading the social media channels for SAP in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA).

Sarah's also built her own house and she runs half marathons for fun – although she's only finished two.

Sarah offers particular expertise in:

  • Social selling
  • Brand advocacy
  • Digital inbound
  • Influencer marketing

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