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Business Talk: Issue 1

Take a closer look at the new annual magazine from our Faculty of Business and Law

Introducing Business Talk: Issue 1 (2019)

Our Faculty of Business and Law is home to experts who, when they're not working with students on projects or cases, are conducting research that's making real impact.

Our new annual publication, Business Talk, showcases our most inspiring and interesting business and law research.

Inside the magazine, you'll discover the exciting, challenging work we're doing – and see how we're putting our knowledge and expertise to practical use, in partnership and collaboration with industry.

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What's inside

Mummy saves the elephants p.4

How Caroline Cox's research is taking on the global ivory trade – from the Botswana Bush, to the House of Commons.

Is dynamic pricing the future of business? p.7

Dr Giampaolo Viglia explores why companies like Uber use dynamic pricing, and what the future holds for businesses and consumers.

Island economics a 'gift' from the GFC p.8

Dr Adam Cox explores the lessons he learned from the financial crisis and how a shift in economics can benefit us all.

Entrepreneurs in residence Q&A p.11

14 innovators on the University's flagship Entrepreneur in Residence programme tell us about their business experiences.

Global law  Just who does it serve? p.12

Professor Leïla Choukroune looks at how politics, geography and even migration can impact on international laws rendering some redundant.

Healthy ecology, healthy economy p.16

Professor Pierre Failler explains the benefits of a 'blue' economy, based on the protection and sustainable use of the ocean's resources.

IT to bridge gender taboos for India breast cancer fight p.20

After beating breast cancer, Judith Fletcher-Brown is using her experience to develop new tools to help women in India.

Do we really get the leaders we deserve? p.22

James McCalman questions whether our political leaders are more like managers requiring obedience or leaders we follow.

Where there's no will, there's no way p.24

No one likes to think about dying, which often means the topic of inheritance doesn't come up. This can lead to serious problems though as Juliet Brooks explains.

Partnership drives global business p.26

Q&A time with supply chain analyst Goutham Veerakumar on how the Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) has benefited company growth.

The Science and technology of making decisions p.28

Professor Alessio Ishizaka has developed a tool to help take the sting out of important decision making and it's all in the algorithm.

Hearts and minds on the frontline of drone warfare p.30

Dr Peter Lee has been doing research into the psychological effects drone pilots face and finds those affects are far more reaching than previously thought.

MBA Graduate Q&A p.32

Doing a MBA while working brings with it a whole host of challenges and opportunities. Michael Cripps responds to Q&As on his experiences.

Big business opportunity for a small price p.34

Portsmouth Business School students get hands on developing an effective marketing plan in the field.


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