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Find out how we're serving our local community through the clinics and other support we offer

We have the responsibility to support our city and fellow residents to solve the social and economic challenges they face – and we're committed to serving our city not only through education, but also by providing front line services and support directly to the people of Portsmouth.

We're part of the UPP Foundation and have signed up to the Civic University Agreement, through which we pledge to make the economy and quality of life of our local community a top priority. As a civic university, we've taken direct action to offer key health services – as well as legal and accounting support – to all parts of the Portsmouth community. 

Our clinics

General legal advice clinic

Get free and confidential legal advice from law students in Portsmouth Law School every Monday and Wednesday.

Students discussing legal matters
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Accounting clinic

If you're a trustee of a charity, social enterprise or community interest group in Hampshire needing help with your accounting, our pro-bono accounting clinic can help get your finances in order.

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Access to Justice immigration advice service

Get free legal support from the University's Access to Justice immigration advice service

Law Photoshoot;19th November 2018
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Dental Academy patient services

Discover how our Dental Academy mirrors the reality of working in a modern dental practice while delivering quality dental care.
Dental students working on a phantom head
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GP Surgery

Our doctors' surgery provides high-quality healthcare to student, staffs and patients in the Portsmouth area. See how we keep our community healthy now.
Armband placed on patient to check blood pressure
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