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Choosing to go to uni is a life-changing decision. So it can feel daunting. But we can help with that.

Find the latest advice, break down the UCAS process and choose to get even more help with your big decision in our live sessions.

They’re interactive, so you can ask any questions you have, including general queries about university. Or simply listen in on topics like student finance, choosing a course and how to get the best from your degree.

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Writing your UCAS personal statement – Tues 26 September, 4pm

Your personal statement forms a key part of your UCAS application – and starting early is key to avoiding the big rush. Come learn all the basics, including planning, writing and reviewing – then get ready to make your personal statement shine.
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Degree Apprenticeships – Thurs 12 October, 4pm

Degree apprenticeships might be the right option for you if you want to earn money while getting a degree (without paying any tuition fees). Learn how they work, how to find vacancies and apply, and the key benefits of choosing to study a degree apprenticeship.
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Writing your UCAS personal statement – Tues 21 November, 4pm

Ready to tip the scales in your favour? Put nothing less than your best foot forward in this session – packed with tips and tricks to help you plan, structure and write a statement that makes you stand out.

Subject specific webinars


3-part webinar: Designing Your Future Career in Architecture – 3 - 5 Oct, 4.00pm

Explore the world of Architecture and Interior Design as we cover the essentials of portfolio building and how you can shape the future of design with AI. You'll also be able to quiz industry experts on what makes a successful application.
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The importance of Earth Science for the future of our planet – Tues 10 Oct, 4.00pm

Celebrate Earth Science Week with us to look back on 4.5 billion years of our planet’s history. Discover how an Earth Science degree can help you build an understanding of how to responsibly use Earth resources to ensure a sustainable future.

Applying for Health and Social Care Courses – Tues 17 Oct, 4.00pm

The world needs more health and care professionals. Find out how to secure your spot on highly coveted courses like Radiography, Dental Care, Social Work, Nursing and Pharmacy – as we explore interviews and applications.
Architecture course

Applying to Creative Courses and Developing Your Portfolio – Thurs 19 Oct, 4.00pm

When it comes to creative courses, universities are looking for your passion and creativity. And you can show that off with the right portfolio and interview skills, ready to shine in dynamic fields of work. Find out how to get started.

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So you want a career in Radiography? – Wed 8 Nov, 4.00pm

Join us on World Radiography Day to explore the vital role Radiographers play in the healthcare system, routes you could follow into Radiography and what sort of placements you could get involved in.