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Learn about studying a degree in Architecture

Urbanism, landscape, sustainability and culture. If you can imagine it, you can create it.

Architects and Interior Designers influence the world around us, shaping cities, communities and the way we live. They fuse all kinds of thinking and making to build environments that are meaningful and purposeful.

If you have a blend of creative flair and practical problem-solving skills, you could excel in this fascinating field. Save your place at our Taster Day to learn more about courses, careers and studying a degree in Architecture and Interior Architecture Design.

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Studying Interior Architecture

Hi, my name is Mohammed.

 I work as an interior designer at HBO Residential in London.

 When I was younger, when I was in A-levels, I studied art.

 During art I used to do 12 hour photography walks, and one of the things I love to take photos of is buildings because, you know, they are inanimate objects, but they have so much character to them which I just love and I just fell into it.

 I took the chance and applied for architecture originally but then I fell into interior design and I studied interior.

 The one thing I loved about Portsmouth is that it's quite close to friends, and it isn't far from London and it almost felt like a mini London to me.

 It almost became home.

 To a lot of outsiders, Interior Design is seen as a very feminine subject.

 Me, I'm very technical.

 Some of the girls in the course were very focused on textile, colours, how to make things work well together, you kind of learn from each other.

 The one thing I loved about it is we came as close as a family and we just helped each other in different aspects.

 It just brings everyone together.

 A month before I graduated, like anyone, we were told to apply for jobs.

 Look out, look what's out there.

 One thing I used was the University of Portsmouth career page, which I managed to see HBO Associates on the list and they were looking for interns.

 Having them on my CV is just amazing.

 I'm working on projects in London, Saudi Arabia and Russia.

 I used to do a few cruise ships.

 You never have the same thing.

 It's different.

 Each client has their own taste though.

 That's what I love is you're never in your comfort zone.

 It pushes me further and further, and it makes me become more of a better designer and become more confident, especially one day I will present to clients and that is a big responsibility.

 How do you sell your project to a real client? They're paying for it so you want to be good and you want to sell it properly.

 I've been here four years now, I transitioned from hospitality to residential, so you know, it's going well so far.

At our Architecture and Interior Architecture Design Taster


  • Discover the different pathways and routes to qualification

  • Explore an architectural design brief set by a real client

  • Work in teams to generate creative ideas and test solutions in models

  • Learn model-making skills in our Eldon Production Centre

  • Hear from and chat to current students about their experiences at Portsmouth

  • Pitch your ideas to a small group and reflect on your ideas with our staff and recent graduates

  • Gain some valuable top tips on how to apply to Architecture School

  • Discover careers in Architecture and Interior Architecture Design and where our courses can take you

Taster Day location and meeting point

Check in opens from 9.45am at Eldon Building, Winston Churchill Avenue, Portsmouth, PO1 2DJ. Look out for our students in purple T-shirts who'll help direct you.

For schools and colleges arriving by coach or minibus, we recommend parking on Museum Road, Portsmouth. For more information on checking in and how to get here, take a look at our guide to taster days page.


Taster Day programme

Here's what's coming up at our Architecture and Interior Architecture Design Taster Day.

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Architecture and Interior Architecture Design Taster Day

Check in from 9.45am at Eldon Building, Winston Churchill Avenue, Portsmouth, PO1 2DJ and get ready to learn about studying Architecture at uni.

Here's our guide to subject taster days, should you want to learn a little more about our Taster Days before booking or arrival.

We're excited to meet you

All types of careers and industries await you with a degree in Architecture and Interior Design. And there's nothing better than being on campus and within a creative environment to experience the field.

Our Taster will introduce you to the process of design, so you can build a better understanding of the subject area and plan for the future.

Test out your creative flair in an interactive model-making session held in the design studio. Respond to a real project brief for a local community group. Create your amazing pieces of architecture and interior design and let your imaginations fly – the possibilities are (almost) infinite!

And you'll have lots of opportunities to ask questions! Our friendly staff and students from the School of Architecture will be on hand to assist you as you throughout the Taster.

Get ready for your first challenge! After a short welcome you'll be set your first design challenge for a real architectural problem for a specific client, use and place.

This community project will get your creative juices flowing, as you aim to generate lots of ideas in a tight timescale.

Try out our model-making workshops with your second challenge of the day.

In teams, and working with a range of model-making materials, your challenge is to respond to a brief in a limited amount of time and create a prototype model of your initial sketch ideas.

Quick breather. Take stock of the morning then get ready for the next session.

Next up: work in teams to generate ideas on how a design can be developed using a set of limited materials for the form structure and skin.

This time you'll work in modelling, discussion and sketch practice. In your teams, you'll need to consider how to balance both the beautiful idea and the practical issues of what your client wants. Capturing the design process is also a key to this session – so get ready to take some notes!

Lots of opportunities here to ask questions about what it is like to study at university, different subjects, the interview process and putting together their portfolio, the transition
from college to uni, any of the talks you've watched so far – and/or whatever you want to know about uni.

Fuel-up. Feel free to bring your own lunch for the day or grab something from the cafeteria.

Our last workshop session will see your teams finalise your model-making, pulling all of your ideas together. We'll use simple techniques to showcase the ideas and ensure models are finished and ready to share. Your final models and ideas will be exhibited alongside our summer show.

Closing summary of the day, but the floor is yours to ask your questions to our panel of students and graduates. We'll also provide insight into the paths and routes to becoming an Architect or Interior Designer at Portsmouth, so you can get prepare for the exciting road ahead.