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Future Ready: Passing the baton of student success

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We share a common goal: to help secure a high quality education, equal opportunities and a sustainable future for our students.

This year’s online conference is about collaboration and shared purpose: to empower students to achieve their ambitions. When you pass the baton to us, we aim to continue your work. To show our students that we’re here to help them get the best from their degree and from their future: whatever ‘best’ means to them as individuals.

So at this year’s HE Advisers’ Conference, we hope to inspire you so that you can continue to give students a clear vision for what’s ahead. You equip bright minds to make smart choices. We give them a springboard to a bright future, with the ability, confidence and global outlook to live fulfilling lives.

These may be strange days but together we can make the best of the future: theirs, yours and ours.

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What's coming up?

Like you, we’re passionate about inspiring students to reach their potential. That's why this year's programme focusses on 3 strands:

  • Changing: from you, to us, to the world
  • Growing: mapping journeys for growth
  • Thriving: smart choices for success

Explore what's coming up below. Once you sign up, we'll send you details on how to access the sessions before the event starts. Book now – and don't worry if a session clashes with your schedule. We'll record it and make it available to access on demand soon after.

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Day 1 – Wednesday 9 June | 10am-1pm

Speaker: Dr Dominique Thompson

We find ourselves in an unpredictable and unsettling time, where young people may be struggling more ever before. But there's lots we can do to help them manage these stressful moments. It starts by finding out what's happening, why it's happening and what we can all do it about it.

Join Dr Dominique Thompson, the UK's leading GP on student mental health, to learn about what we can all do to help young people develop the life skills they need to thrive in this new and changing world.

Lectures, seminars and practicals have been different during the pandemic – but through adapting our teaching, support and guidance, we’ve kept student life fun, safe and rewarding. And our outstanding and resilient students have been at the core of all these changes.

So let’s bring their voices together to shape future conversations. Here, our students share their experiences on how COVID-19 and blended learning is impacting student life, the skills they’ve gained and the challenges they’ve faced in this rapidly changing world.

As educators, much of our teaching and student engagement has faced a similar transformative challenge: delivering the same exceptional learning experience, but in a digital environment. That’s why we’re here to help you master virtual platforms – so you can keep meeting those 8 Gatsby benchmarks. In this session, we’re joined by Unifrog and an expert teacher panel to explore the digital methods you can use as part of your careers programme, including how these work in practice.

The policy around employability and career readiness focuses on the mechanics of gaining work experience and measuring encounters with employers. However, this approach fails to acknowledge that many students do not have the self-awareness, agency, and confidence to engage with those activities.

This session will explore a blended career management learning programme designed for Level 4 students, and adapted for delivery with year 9 learners in collaboration with employers. The blended delivery offers scope to enhance character education and development, and complement PSHE activities, within a crowded curriculum. It also broadens the focus away from isolated experiences of work and interactions with employers, emphasising instead the preparation for, and learning from, those events.

Speaker: Tristram Hooley

As Professor of Career Education at the University of Derby, Professor Tristram writes that concept of career is our journey through life, learning and work. That education should be about more fully becoming oneself, learning about life and thinking about our roles in society.

But where now for career guidance as we move into the post-Covid world? In this session, Tristram explores new pedagogic movements, future hopes, how to become integrated and digital in our approach, and new ideas for radically reforming career guidance for students.

Day 2 – Thursday 10 June | 1pm-4pm

There's a natural step-up to higher education – from the familiar to the unknown, with social, academic and cultural differences to navigate. But that change can be managed. We can make that transition seamless for students, with the right preparation, and by using tangible solutions to help them in their new academic environments.

Find out how schools, colleges, and universities can work collaboratively to prepare students for university life and smoother transitions to HE.

Get an update from UCAS on their latest developments, application and behavioural trends from the 2019/20 cycle and the key changes in light of COVID-19. They'll also share details about the new application form for students affecting the 2022 cycle.

Building on the talk at 1.00pm, we invite you join this collaborative roundtable style session to share ideas and insights for best practice.

In breakout rooms, we'll discuss how we can help students step-up to higher education and navigate the new and exciting social, academic and cultural changes in their lives.

One of the biggest things your students need to organise before starting a Bachelor’s degree or other undergraduate course is how they’ll fund their studies. So let us help you remove obstacles and ease concerns for students, parents and supporters. Explore all the facts, figures and support available as we bust the myths surrounding student finance, including the latest updates from Student Finance England for 2021.

In many ways, graduating from university is just the beginning of your students’ journey. Their hard work, determination and spirit will have paid off and will continue to pay off for the rest of their lives. So let’s get them thinking about their best future, because together we’re stronger and more empowered. Meet some of the movers and shakers from our Portsmouth alumnus, and hear how university helped them build connections, expand their thinking and kick-start their dream careers.

Watch on demand – Ongoing availability

Welcome to our Virtual HE Advisers' Conference 2021. Get an intro to the event and hear from our Vice-Chancellor Professor Graham Galbraith.

All of our sessions from the HE Advisers' Conference 2021 will be recorded and made available for you to watch on demand, around the clock. So don't worry if a particular talk clashes with your schedule, or run at the same time, you can catch up when you like – providing you've signed up to the event.

For your students, the road to university is often filled with questions. Whether they're just starting their application, writing their personal statement or getting ready for the exciting move to university, our nuts and bolts toolkits support them every step of the way.

Find out about the online guidance, activities, resources and CPD that we've got at Portsmouth for you and your students. We'll look at:

Our new CPD hub for teachers and advisers

Explore various topics around the UCAS cycle and get helpful hints to guide them through post-16 options – our free personal development hub is for you to access around your schedule to meet your CPD needs.


Every year, 1000s of students find their ideal course in UCAS Clearing or Adjustment. Find out about our support for your students during this process.

Degree apprenticeships

There's more than one way to get a degree. Learn how your students can work and study, without paying any tuition fees.

Reference writing

There's a lot riding on your UCAS reference. So it's only natural to feel a little bit of pressure – especially if you're new to writing them. Learn how to write a UCAS reference and help your students reach their goals.

Our personal statement hub

Get statement-savvy. Our personal statement hub is where students can watch videos, get top tips and download help sheets to write an outstanding statement. And they can send it to us for exclusive feedback from our team when they're ready.

Subject resources

Discover our mix of online subject lectures, videos and resources to help students with revision, and see what it's like to study our courses at Portsmouth.

Getting Started series

Your students' one-stop-shop of videos and webinars to help them get started with their application and journey to university.

Our workshops and activities for KS2-KS4 encourage your students to ask themselves important questions. To explore higher education and future choices. To find their passion in life.

We work with young people in under-represented groups across select schools across years 5-11. Our aim is to find the students who can benefit most and support their progression into higher education.

Learn about our blended offer of lesson plans, resources, workshops, talks and upcoming events. And find out how to book these in person or virtually at your school or college.

Our portfolio of webinars, talks, workshops and activities help your KS5 students look to the future. We support their journey into higher education and help you meet Gatsby benchmarks.

Discover our new blended provision, how to book talks for your school or college virtually or in person, and how we'll adapt our sessions to support your curriculum. You decide what works best, when and where.

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