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Our History, Politics and International Relations Taster Afternoon will allow you to experience studying your favourite subjects here at the University of Portsmouth.

Book your place now, and get ready to take your first steps towards an experience of a lifetime with us. 

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Taster Day programme

Check in opens from 12.45pm at Park Building, King Henry I St, PO1 2BZ

History, politics, international relations and international development shape our society and help us understand the world past and present.

Get an intro to to what's coming up, courses you can study at Portsmouth, and what you can do with a History, Politics or International Relations degree.

*Choose to go to either of the following talks when you save your place.

History and Politics | Rethinking ‘Uncomfortable Pasts’: Learning From The German Experience?

Britain has started to systematically address the legacy of its colonial past through ongoing investigations into the cities and properties that were instrumental to the transatlantic slave trade.

Can Britain learn from the German experience in coming to terms with the legacy of its Nazi past? Discover the debates around how nations address the uncomfortable aspects of their histories. 

History | Speaking Out Against A Tyrant: Challenging The Authority of Henry VIII

Tudor society was fundamentally hierarchical, and obedience was a powerful concept for contemporaries. So what happened when a monarch acted in ways that were seen by his subjects as problematic?

Explore examples of Henry’s subjects speaking out against royal policy, from rude words spoken to neighbours, to printed polemic and propaganda. In doing so, discover the limits to royal authority and the extent to which Henry’s subjects might be seen as a threat to his power.

Quick breather. Take stock of the morning then get ready for the next session.

*Choose to go to either of the following talks when you save your place.

History and Politics | The Battle For Hearts And Minds In The Cold War

At the core of the Cold War was a battle for hearts and minds; convincing people that one system - capitalism or communism - was the "best". This battle was fought from the highest political discussions down to the street.

In this session you'll explore how movies, fiction and sport were used to win people over and investigate how the Cold War inflected in the day to day lives of ordinary people.

International Relations and Politics | The Role of Nuclear Weapons: Does the ‘Big Bang’ Still Matter? 

The contemporary security environment involves threats from states and non state actors. In particular, we have seen increasing threats from authoritarian states and international terrorist organisations. But can nuclear weapons still be a deterrent to these forces? Do nuclear weapons still have a use in the world today?

This session will see you delve into the early history of nuclear weapons, how we try to control them and you'll be invited to debate how they might be viewed in the future.

To conclude our afternoon together, we invite you to put your questions to our lecturers and current students!

This could be about different History, Politics and International Relations degrees, the transition from college to uni, any of the talks you've watched so far, the city of Portsmouth, moving away from home – and/or whatever you want to know about uni.