Week 1 in University of Portsmouth student outreach to alumni: a caller’s perspective

Two Portsmouth University students smiling

It’s one week into student caller conversations with Portsmouth alumni. Here are some highlights from their experiences.

  • 30 April 2021
  • 5 min read

Student callers have been reaching out to alumni for over a week now, speaking with you about your memories of Portsmouth and the ways you can support students, especially those facing hardship. Callers are excited to be gaining career and life insights and advice along the way.

Why are students calling?

Now into the second week of Futures Fund calling, students have learned so much from Portsmouth alumni. You’ve shared amazing stories and offered great advice to support them as they prepare for life after university. They are looking forward to talking with more grads in the weeks to come. 

So far over 400 of you have spoken with students and heard from them about exciting updates at the University, including the learning and support programmes designed to give them the best possible learning experience. You’ve shared fond memories from your time at Portsmouth. You’ve heard about the many ways you can support, from volunteering to donating – and many of you have taken up the offer.

The University is so grateful for the time you take to speak with student callers, sharing your stories and words of wisdom. The students themselves gain so much from this experience so, if you haven’t spoken with one yet, please pick up the phone when they reach out.

Alumni support students in many ways, one of which is through the Portsmouth Futures Fund. Money raised through the Futures Fund helps the students who need it most, such as care leavers, those with dependents, those with unique requirements due to disabilities or learning differences and students from Black, Asian or minority ethnic backgrounds facing financial barriers. Your support opens doors to an enriched learning experience, allowing students in need to take full advantage of their time at uni. 

Our telephone callers

Radu Goidescu

BEng Engineering Geology & Geotechnics

Radu Goidescu

It's amazing to hear the beautiful journeys our alumni took after leaving the University and understand how they’ve tried to become the best version of themselves.

Radu Goidescu, BEng Engineering Geology & Geotechnics

I have heard many interesting stories from the alumni. One individual told me how he took a gap year after finishing his Bachelors which gave him the possibility to discover himself and his passions. In almost every call, we're having a laugh with the alumni, looking back at their experience at Portsmouth, even if it's something that happened in the library or in a pub. There have been many emotional stories. One story that I was especially touched by was from someone who decided to quit the job he dreamt about all his life, just so he could look after his ill mother. 

Alongside hearing the alumni stories, I have also been given useful advice. I’ve been advised to say yes to every opportunity that appears. Who knows, it might never come back. It was great to tell the alumni about updates at the University. Everyone was so excited to hear about the new sports centre, especially when they heard it's one of the greenest in the UK. 

Miryana Pandeva 


Headshot of Miryana

I really enjoyed listening to their stories as they reminisced about their memories of the University.

Miryana Pandeva , Law

I am glad that I have the opportunity to participate in this calling as it is a whole new experience for me and I am eager to learn and challenge myself. So far we’ve been extremely successful as we are slowly but surely on our way to achieving the desired outcomes. I was very nervous on my first shift but, when I started talking to alumni, the conversation flowed naturally. Alongside this, I really enjoy the structure of the work. The team has managed to arrange different activities and competitions which incorporate fun into our work. I’ve felt productive and not pressured while working with the team which is why I would recommend students to take up this opportunity next year as it will enrich their experience and develop various skills. 

What also made my experience on this project invaluable is that I have talked with alumni, each successful in a different career. This certainly widened my horizons and, even though I am pursuing a completely different career path, I found it interesting to understand how competitive the markets are in other career fields and how difficult it is to adapt after graduating. As a third year law student, I am actively looking for a graduate role and I had the chance to speak to Law alumni. They gave me good advice as to how to approach application forms and interviews. Also, one alumni was kind enough to email me all the job opportunities available at her office.

When talking with alumni about their experiences, I have realised that everything has changed since they attended and the University is aiming to develop even further. It was really interesting to hear that alumni were proactive and taking part in various societies but at the same time, they had to stay in their rooms for days, studying for an exam or writing an assignment. I could definitely relate!

Thank You

We are so thankful to all the alumni who have spent time with student callers over the last week and we look forward to connecting with many more of you very soon.

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