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A gift to the Portsmouth Futures Fund supports students in need.

Yes, barriers exist. But they don't have to.

Every student with ambition and ability deserves the best chance to succeed and thrive. The Portsmouth Futures Fund supports talented students who lack the means to make the most of their time at university.

With your help, students facing real financial hardship can afford course materials, cover living expenses and take advantage of learning enrichment programmes like field trips and exchanges. There's more to uni than the classroom and your support allows all students to enjoy the same life-changing experiences.

Many of the students the Futures Fund supports have dependants, have disabilities or learning differences, or are from black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds. Your donations will help students cover expenses that can overwhelm them, putting pressure on their learning experience and their lives.

How you'll support students

Your Future Fund donations contribute toward:

  • course material bursaries
  • living expense hardship grants
  • the purchase of special equipment like dictation technology
  • childcare expenses
  • educational trips and learning enrichment activities
  • postgraduate study expenses

“Portsmouth didn’t just look at my grades, they looked at me, the person behind them. They saw I had big ideas and passion and they offered me a place studying business right away”

Vincent Pericard, BA (Hons) Business and Enterprise Development

Your impact

It's a sad fact that not every student has a strong support network, a loving family or even sufficient means to cover more than basic expenses.

Previous donations to the Futures Fund have allowed students like this to take up life-changing placements and internships outside of Portsmouth, enhancing not just their learning and future employability, but also their understanding of the world.

One Portsmouth student from a low-income family won the opportunity to do an overseas summer internship but couldn’t afford the vaccinations necessary to make the trip. An award of £200 from the Futures Fund was the difference between going or not.

For another student, a £500 Futures Fund award covered increased living costs associated with his disabilities, allowing him to complete the academic year.

When a postgraduate student was invited to do a prestigious internship, her £200 Futures Fund award made a reduction in part-time working hours possible so she could take up the internship.

Generous donors to the Futures Fund have supported these students and many more who, through no fault of their own, find themselves with severe financial pressures during their course. Often these students juggle studies, part-time work and any number of additional demands.

"The bursary I received was an unbelievable help. I was given £500 that enabled me to stay in Portsmouth to concentrate on my final year studies, rather than moving home to save money. That would have severely limited my work output. This provision is, I believe, a direct factor in my achievement of a first-class honours degree."


Donate to Portsmouth Futures Fund

You can make a single donation to the Portsmouth Futures Fund, or commit to a regular, or ongoing, donation.

Typical student costs covered by the Futures Fund include:

  • £450 to meet the cost of basic study expenses for an average course
  • £750 for rent and living costs for one month
  • £1000 to allow a creative technologies student to produce their final year project
  • £1,160 to cover first term living costs

Please use the button below to make a one off donation. If you would like to set up a regular donation by direct debit, please contact Senior Development Officer, Emma Deabill, by email at emma.deabill@port.ac.uk.

Make a one off donation

Other ways to donate

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