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Honorary awards go to individuals who have made and continue to make a significant contribution to our world and who reflect University of Portsmouth ambitions to do the same.

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Honorary Graduate Dorothy Byrne smiling

Dorothy Byrne

Doctor of the University, 2022

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Honorary Graduate Lord David Willetts smiling

Lord David Willetts

Doctor of the University, 2022

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Honorary Graduate Professor David Croisdale-Appleby smiling

Professor David Croisdale-Appleby

Doctor of Laws, 2022

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Honorary Graduate Janet Ayers smiling

Janet Ayers

Fellow of the University, 2022

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Honorary Graduate Cath Longhurst smiling

Cath Longhurst

Fellow of the University, 2022

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A woman with brown shoulder-length hair, smiling

Hana Afiya Satriyo

Doctor of the University, 2022

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Honorary Graduate Tom Ilube smiling

Tom Ilube

Doctor of the University, 2022

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Honorary Graduate Tim Jackson smiling

Tim Jackson

Doctor of the University, 2022

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Honorary Graduate June Sarpong smiling

June Sarpong

Doctor of the University, 2022

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Image of Sir Robin Knox-Johnston smiling to camera wearing cap and coat

Sir Robin Knox-Johnston

Doctor of the University, 2019

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Mark Catlin looking to the side wearing suit in a photograph

Mark Catlin

Doctor of the University, 2019

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Headshot of Dr Heather Melville

Dr Heather Melville

Doctor of the University, 2019

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Kevin Holmes holding scroll in graduation gown and cap smiling to camera

Kevin Holmes

Fellow of the University, 2019

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Headshot of Sarah Kenny looking to camera

Sarah Kenny

Doctor of the University, 2019

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Bill Salmond smiling and look at camera

Bill Salmond

Doctor of the University, 2018

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Headshot of Dame Stephanie Shirley

Dame Stephanie Shirley

Doctor of Engineering, 2018

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Cecilia Anim smiling to camera

Cecilia Akrisie Anim

Doctor of Science, 2018

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Jo de Serrano smiling and laughing in headshot image

Jo de Serrano

Doctor of the University, 2017

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Alan Priddy stood giving a talk wearing a shirt

Alan Priddy

Doctor of the University, 2017

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Headshot of Anne Stevens smiling to camera

Anne Stevens

Doctor of the University, 2016

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Tracey Curtis Taylor in leather jacket and scarf leaning against plane

Tracey Curtis-Taylor

Doctor of the University, 2016

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Stuart Iles sitting at desk and smiling at camera

Stuart Iles

Doctor of the University, 2015

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Headshot of Will King smiling to camera

Will King

Doctor of the University, 2015

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Image of Baroness Helena Kennedy giving a talk behind a wooden podium smiling to camera

Baroness Helena Kennedy (KC)

Doctor of the University, 2015

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Headshot of Karen Blackett laughing

Karen Blackett

Doctor of the University, 2015

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Michael Newey smiling to camera

Michael Newey

Doctor of Science, 2015

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Headshot of Simon Ward looking to camera in suit with arms crossed

Simon Ward

Doctor of Letters, 2014

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John Craven smiling to camera in headshot

Professor John Craven

Doctor of Law, 2013

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Headshot of William Wakeham smiling to camera

Sir William Wakeham

Doctor of Science, 2013

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Kevin Warwick smiling to camera close-up

Kevin Warwick

Doctor of Science, 2012

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Bronwin Carter holding the olympic torch smiling to camera

Bronwin Carter

Doctor of Laws, 2010

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Headshot of Professor Nairn Wilson

Professor Nairn Wilson

Doctor of Science, 2010

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Headshot of John Bannell

John Bannell

Doctor of Law, 2009

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Headshot of Maggie Winchcombe smiling to camera

Maggie Winchcombe

Doctor of Law, 2008

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Image of John Armitt smiling to camera wearing glasses

Sir John Armitt

Doctor of Science, 2008

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Natural image of Graham Hurley laughing

Graham Hurley

Doctor of Letters, 2007

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Sir Jonathan Band smiling to camera in headshot

Sir Jonathon Band

Doctor of Laws, 2007

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Headshot of Dillie Keane smiling and running towards camera

Dillie Keane

Doctor of Letters, 2006

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Picture of Peter Neyroud smiling to camera

Peter Neyroud

Doctor of Law, 2006

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Image of Michael Bateman smiling to camera

Michael Bateman

Doctor of Law, 2006

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Headshot of Dzulkifli Abdul Razak smiling to camera with hands crossed

Professor Dzulkifli Abdul Razak

Doctor of Science, 2006

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Rob Hutchinson smiling to camera with garden backdrop

Rob Hutchinson

Doctor of Law, 2005

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Michael Boyce smiling to camera

Admiral the Lord Michael Boyce

Doctor of Law, 2005

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Headshot of Joe Jackson

Joe Jackson

Doctor of Music, 2004

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Headshot of Sir Roger Fry wearing suit and smiling to camera in office

Sir Roger Fry

Doctor of Letters, 2004

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Image of Caroline Williams smiling to camera

Caroline Williams

Doctor of Laws, 2002

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Christine King wearing sunglasses and smiling to camera

Professor Christine King

Doctor of Letters, 2001

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Robert Hillier smiling to camera

Robert Hillier

Doctor of Law, 2001

Image of Sir Ranulph Fiennes wearing coat with furry hood on headshot

Sir Ranulph Fiennes

Doctor of Science, 2000

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Image of Dame Mary Fagan smiling to camera

Lady Mary Fagan

Doctor of Law, 2000

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Headshot of Michael Erotokritos wearing suit and tie

Michael Erotokritos

Doctor of Law, 1999

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Headshot of Elizabeth Loftus wearing green jumper with necklace smiling to camera

Professor Elizabeth Loftus

Doctor of Science, 1998

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Image of Haro Bedelian smiling to camera with nature backdrop

Professor Haro Bedelian

Doctor of Engineering, 1998

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Sir Anthony Cleaver smiling at camera wearing graduation gown and cap

Sir Anthony Cleaver

Doctor of Law, 1996

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Graham Smart wearing suit and tie and smiling to camera

Graham Smart

Doctor of Science, 1996

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Ghillean Prance wearing glasses and shirt smiling to camera with tree backdrop

Professor Ghillean Prance

Doctor of Science, 1994

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Image of David Stancliffe smiling to camera wearing glasses with sea backdrop

Right Reverend Dr David Stancliffe

Doctor of Letters, 1993

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Yvonne Moores headshot smiling to camera

Yvonne Moores

Doctor of Science, 1993

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  • Cath Longhurst
  • Professor David Croisdale-Appleby
  • Lord David Willetts
  • Dorothy Byrne
  • Hana Afiya Satriyo
  • Janet Ayers
  • June Sarpong
  • Tim Jackson
  • Tom Ilube

2020 & 2021

No Honorary Degrees awarded due to Covid-19


  • Sir Robin Knox-Johnston
  • Air Vice Marshall Matar bin Ali Al Obaidani
  • Mark Catlin
  • Kevin Holmes
  • Sarah Kenny
  • Jason Mallinson
  • Heather Melville
  • Professor Lynne Segal
  • Simon Weston


  • Cecilia Anim
  • Marie Costa
  • Professor Kevin Fenton
  • Clare Martin 
  • Bill Salmond
  • Dame Stephanie Shirley
  • Julian Wadsworth


  • Sir Charles Benedict Ainslie
  • Graham G Bryant
  • Hugh Dennis
  • Jo de Serrano
  • Alex Hibbert
  • Neville George Lawrence
  • John Patrick McCarthy
  • Alan Priddy


  • Tracey Curtis-Taylor
  • Alexzandra Hildred
  • Linvoy Stephen Primus
  • Ashok Soni
  • Anne Stevens
  • Tim Peake


  • Karen Blackett
  • Michael Newey
  • Professor Jim Al-Khalili
  • Stuart Iles
  • Baroness Helena Kennedy
  • Will King


  • John Akomfrah
  • Simon Ward


  • Cecilia McDowall
  • Professor John Craven
  • Professor Sir Bill Wakeham
  • Lady Justice Hallett


  • Claire Tomalin
  • Rear Admiral John Lippiett
  • Kevin Warwick


  • Lord Rees of Ludlow
  • Barbara Tipple


  • Professor Nairn Wilson
  • Sandi Toksvig
  • Bronwin Carter


  • John Bannell
  • Dr John Mason
  • Professor Neil Rackham
  • Alison Goldfrapp
  • Martin Whitmarsh
  • Liz Earle
  • Lol Coxhill (deceased)


  • Maggie Winchcombe
  • Paul Lester
  • Jayne Zito
  • Suzie Templeton
  • Howard Brenton
  • Xu Zhenhua 
  • Sir John Armitt
  • The Rt Revd Kenneth Stevenson (deceased)


  • Graham Hurley
  • Bishop Crispian Hollis
  • Dr Dee Symons
  • Carole Damper
  • David Price
  • Ben Fogle
  • Baroness Anne Gibson (deceased)
  • Christopher Logue (deceased)
  • Robert Hardy (deceased)


  • Peter Neyroud
  • Professor Dzulkifli Adbul Razak
  • Reverend Canon Jane Hedges
  • Professor James Gunn
  • Rhona Lucas
  • Ted Cantle
  • John Madden
  • Dillie Keane
  • Robin Gorman (deceased)


  • Admiral the Lord Michael Boyce
  • Joseph Hardy III
  • Sheila Hancock
  • Rob Hutchinson
  • Shirley Robertson
  • Sir David Brown
  • Michelle Magorian
  • James S Lamb (deceased)
  • Don Lusher (deceased)
  • Dame Margaret Seward (deceased)


  • Joe Jackson
  • Martin Jay
  • Sir Roger Fry
  • Professor Peter Crane
  • Karl Jeffery
  • General Sir David Ramsbotham
  • Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop
  • Colin White (deceased)


  • Robin Smith
  • Esther Rantzen
  • Pawel Pawlikowski
  • Milan Mandaric
  • Tafilani Machacha
  • George Alagiah (deceased)
  • Dr Natarajan Varaprasad
  • Fred Dinenage
  • Zenna Atkins


  • Sir Nigel Wicks
  • Caroline Williams
  • HRH Prince El Hassan bin Talal
  • Professor Dr Rexhep Meidani
  • Paul Jones
  • Professor S Jocelyn Bell Burnell
  • Peter White
  • Betty Burton (deceased)
  • Lt Col Richard Waterer (deceased)
  • His Eminence Cormac Murphy-O'Connor (deceased)
  • Patrick Caulfield (deceased)


  • Robert Hillier
  • Edward Jones
  • Ron White
  • Dr William Haseltine
  • Leah Scott
  • Professor Christine King
  • Matthew Pinsent
  • Campbell McMurray
  • Terry Pratchett (deceased)  
  • John Peel (deceased)  


  • Dame Mary Fagan
  • Professor Liam Donaldson
  • Sir Ranulph Fiennes
  • Professor Sir Colin Stansfield Smith (deceased)
  • Diana Lamplugh (deceased)
  • Sir Julian Oswald (deceased)
  • Professor Michael J Baker (deceased)


  • Sir Chay Blyth
  • Michael Erotokritos
  • Professor Bill Bonnor (deceased)
  • Baroness Phyllis Dorothy James (deceased)
  • Dr Margaret Rule (deceased)
  • Professor Gordon McVie (deceased)


  • Professor Elizabeth Loftus
  • Jerome O'Hea
  • Professor Haro Bedelian
  • Datuk Dr Ahmad Zahurudin
  • Richard Noble
  • Professor Herbert French (deceased)
  • Dr David Houghton (deceased)


  • HE Don Alberto Aza Arias
  • Professor Dr Helmut Schrey
  • John Hoddinott (deceased)
  • Dr Patrick Moore (deceased)
  • Sir Charles Tidbury (deceased)
  • Lord Frank Judd (deceased)
  • Professor James Mirrlees (deceased)


  • Simon Armitage
  • Sir Anthony Cleaver
  • Derek Fawcett
  • Alan Knight
  • Professor Kenneth Rawson
  • Graham Smart
  • Hedley Greentree (deceased)
  • Sir Terence Conran (deceased)


  • John Ekins
  • Evelyn Glennie


  • The Rt Hon Virginia Bottomley
  • Antonia Byatt
  • Professor Dr Ahmed Dewedar
  • Dato Dr Ahmad Nawawi
  • Professor Ghillean Prance
  • Dr Alan Rudge
  • Anita Roddick (deceased)
  • Sir John Smith (deceased)
  • Shirley Metherell (deceased)


  • Linford Christie
  • Dr David Fletcher
  • Peter Mills
  • Yvonne Moores
  • Lord Palumbo of Walbrook
  • Michael Pipes
  • Sir Mark Richmond
  • The Right Rev Dr David Stancliffe
  • Professor William Davey (deceased
  • Professor Sir Gordon Higginson (deceased
  • The Earl of Snowdon Anthony Armstrong-Jones (deceased
  • Professor John Elliott (deceased


  • Edward Clemence
  • Victor Jenner (deceased