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Help care leavers and estranged students to thrive at Portsmouth

For many students university is a challenge – and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Challenge, for the right reasons, is what uni is all about.

For some students, though, challenge comes in the form of hardship. Portsmouth is a place of wonderful diversity, committed to ensuring a transformative learning experience for students from all backgrounds, regardless of means. A good number of our students are leaving care or are estranged from their families. They set off on their learning journey completely alone. For some, just getting this far is extraordinary.

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How you can support Portsmouth students

With your help estranged students, care leavers and care experienced students who are without family support will have access to:

  • financial assistance to cover essential items and moving expenses when they start, and throughout their programmes
  • emergency funding for rent and other essentials in crisis situations, including when estrangement happens during their time at University 
  • access to support initiatives and learning enrichment opportunities like summer schools, sport club memberships and counselling
  • help to attend Graduation and job interviews towards the end of their course
  • help going into the 2nd year of their course, a key point when many drop out as they cannot afford to carry on

Whether it’s a single contribution or a regular, ongoing donation, rest assured we’ll keep you informed on how your gift is used and, most importantly, the impact you, together with other contributors, are having on the lives of students.

Donate to support estranged students today

Being estranged, it was particularly hard seeing friends go home to be with their families and not having a home to go to, university has become a home somewhere I finally have my own space and all my belongings are unpacked, instead of in suitcases around different friends houses.

Alex, Estranged student

Read about the other types of support the University offers for care leavers and estranged students including designated finance and wellbeing advisors, and bursaries. 

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