Male postgrad student

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As a Portsmouth grad you could save 20% on your Master's or PhD fees.

You know where you want to go. Extend your stay, and we’ll help you get there faster, for less.

As a Portsmouth graduate you could be eligible for a 20% tuition fee discount on most postgraduate courses, both Master’s and Research degrees.

You don't need to apply! If you and your course are eligible we'll automatically apply the discount for you. 

You can use the discount multiple times (as long as the course you plan to study is of a higher level than the course you're progressing from). If you study a Master’s and then a PhD, you’ll get 20% of both these degrees.

Is your course eligible for the Alumni Discount?

The courses below are excluded as they qualify for government funding. You can find out if you’re eligible for the Alumni Discount by checking that your course isn’t in the list.

  • PGCE 1116 English
  • PGCE 1116 Geography
  • PGCE 1116 Mathematics
  • PGCE 1116 Modern Foreign Languages
  • PGCE 1116 Biology
  • PGCE 1116 Chemistry
  • PGCE 1116 Physics
  • PGCE Further Education and Teacher Training
  • PGCE Primary Education
  • MArch Architecture
  • MEng Civil Engineering
  • MEng Computer Science
  • MEng Electronic Engineering
  • MEng Mechanical Engineering
  • MEng Renewable Engineering
  • MMath Mathematics
  • MPharm Pharmacy
  • MPhys Physics
  • MPhys Physics, Astrophysics and Cosmology
  • MSc Physiotherapy (Pre-registration)
  • MN Adult Nursing
  • MN Mental Health Nursing

Other exclusions

The Alumni Tuition Fee Discount is not available if you’re progressing from the following awards:

  • PgCert
  • PgDip
  • Master’s Top-Up
  • Foundation degrees
  • HNDs

How to qualify for the alumni tuition fee discount

If you meet these criteria, the discount will be applied automatically. For more information, please refer to our Tuition Fee Discounts policy.

  • Both you, and the full or part-time course you wish to study must be eligible. You need to have gained a Bachelor's, Master’s, Integrated Master’s, LLB or PGCE* degree, from the University of Portsmouth or a collaborative institution.*You need to have studied both an undergraduate degree and a PGCE at Portsmouth.
  • The degree you want the discount to be applied to needs to be of a higher level than the course you’re progressing from.
  • You must be paying your own fees. If you’re part sponsored, the discount will apply to the self-paying part only.
  • You can’t accept any other University Bursary or Scholarship.
  • The alumni discount does not apply to students undertaking courses that are equivalent to or lower than qualifications already achieved. This is because students are not progressing to a higher level qualification. An exception to this criteria applies to students who hold a University of Portsmouth undergraduate and PGCE qualification, or a full stand-alone master's, who will be eligible to receive an alumni discount if they are undertaking another full Master's qualification.
Hasan, male PhD student

I received a 20% discount when I joined the PhD programme after finishing my MSc at the university.

I used the saved funds to sign up for sports clubs and the gym, and invest in my hobbies. This directly improved my overall wellbeing and how I perform academically. And, helped me become a better version of myself, both physically and psychologically.

Hasan Altooq, PhD Mathematics