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Meet our alumni

The University of Portsmouth alumni community boasts over 82,000 members who are working and gaining experience in industries such as pharmaceuticals, marine biology and engineering, television and broadcasting, criminology and law. 

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Andrew Reynolds

BSc Geology, 2014 graduate
Geologist, Nordgold-Resource

After completing my degree at Portsmouth, I went on to study a Masters degree at the Camborne School of Mines where I completed an industrial placement on a gold mine in Ghana for three months. Subsequently I was employed on another gold mine in Burkina Faso where I am currently based.

The best part of my job is the excitement and variety of my day to day work, the opportunity to work in a multinational environment and the travel opportunities.

My degree provided me with the best foundation on which to pursue a career in mining. I use the practical skills I acquired through the extensive field based learning on a day to day basis in my current role. The geological understanding I gained through the course is vital in my current job and I rely on that knowledge extensively.

My best memories are probably the field trips I went on as part of my course They focused on skills required in industry and were really good fun too.

I work with people from 14 different countries on a day to day basis and have travelled to Australia and Russia as part of my job in the past year.

Andrew Reynolds, BSc Geology, 2014 graduate Geologist Nordgold-Resource

Rupal Thakrar

BA Business and Management, 2016 graduate
Business Development Manager, Norse Commercial Services

My degree helped me to acquire a range of skills including how to be business minded, present in front of people, pitch my ideas in a professional manner, and how to speak to directors and senior members of organisations. All of these skills have helped me to get the job I have now, if I didn't have those skills there is no way I would have this job.

I would advise today's students to fully utilise the resources you have at university such as the careers service. Go to careers events and speak to others who have done a placement. 

I really enjoyed the variation of lectures and the lecturers have so much passion for their topic. 

Undertaking a placement year not only puts you in good stead for the future but allows you to enhance your skills.

Rupal Thakrar, BA Business and Management, 2016 graduate, Business Development Manager, Norse Commercial Services

Emenere Ette

MSc Forensic Accounting, 2017 graduate
Management Accountant, NHS

In my role I am tasked with making key financial decisions (costing, forecasting and distributing) on commercial and non-commercial research in areas such as cancer care, surgery, medicine, child health and more.

The skills I have acquired through my studies include looking beyond the numbers when doing a full financial analysis. This has helped me to become more analytical when looking at financial transactions, budgeting and forecasting. I also developed my presentation skills, writing and reporting skills. These skills have been of great importance as it is part of my job to prepare reports and present them in a simple and understandable manner.

I love Pompey because of its beautiful scenery such as the beach among others. I love the shopping culture, amazing restaurants in Gunwarf Quays and the fact that it is a historic town and home to the Navy. Last but not the least I love the fact that the university is part of the community so you get to interact with locals too and everything is within walking distance.

I am part of a team (research and development) who works tirelessly to improve and develop new procedures and medicines to save lives.

Emenere Ette, MSc Forensic Accounting, 2017 graduate, Management Accountant, NHS

Isabelle Bilton

BA Creative and Media Writing, 2017 graduate
Journalist, Hybrid News

I was offered two jobs after university and turned down the higher paid role as my the one I chose provided me with the opportunity to travel. After working for three months in Bristol as an education journalist, the company paid for me to move to Kuala Lumpur to work in the their Malaysian office for nine months. Moving to Malaysia has been my greatest achievement personally and professionally and there is no way I would be here without my degree.  

During my studies I was able to explore many different styles of writing and themes. My writing improved immensely and I was able to gain a critical understanding of the industry and discipline which has been vital in my career. 

My advice to students who are hoping to pursue journalism is to write as often as you can, speak to people, make connections and send off articles/pitches to publications even if you think they won't get back to you. Get your name out there, work hard and be patient. 

I had the best three years of my life in Portsmouth. My course was engaging and interesting. It challenged me and pushed me to achieve more than I ever thought I could.

Isabelle Bilton, BA Creative and Media Writing, 2017 graduate, Journalist, Hybrid News

Tom King

BSc Mathematics for Finance & Management, 2014 graduate
Security Specialist, IBM

I joined IBM after being invited back following my undergraduate placement. I started my career working with IBM's Channel Business Partners as a Storage Partner Manager in the UK software business. After nine months I completed the training allocated to the two year graduate scheme where I was seconded to build and run the IBM Security Business at Avnet UK.
On completion of the secondment I joined Software Box Ltd, a security business partner, on another secondment. SBL is a cyber security company based in the UK, capable of holding top secret classification data and above. I travel the UK delivering workshops and presentations on how to build cyber security strategies and environments.

My career advice to others would be: As long as you have a plan, you have something to move forward towards, then you'll be presented opportunities you never knew existed but you'll be able to assess them against your existing direction.

The University of Portsmouth provided me with some amazing social experiences whilst at the same time I was able to study a degree that challenged me to learn new skills to elevate myself.

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