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Gaining 2 degrees

Develop a more comprehensive knowledge of your subject while you study in Portsmouth and Australia or Germany

Dual degrees (also known as double degrees and dual award degrees) allow you to gain 2 Bachelor's degrees or 2 Master's degrees in less time than it takes to study them separately.

Most dual degrees involve studying at 2 universities, so you'll benefit from the teaching expertise, latest research and facilities of both institutions. And because each university is usually located in a different country, you'll get to experience another culture and build a professional network.

You'll study more modules than on a single degree, developing a more comprehensive knowledge of your subject. You'll also gain an understanding of different cultures, which helps you work more effectively with people from different backgrounds.

All of this helps you stand out in a competitive job market after you graduate.

Dual Bachelor's degrees typically last 3.5 or 4 years when you study full time, compared to 3 years for a single degree.

They're not the same as joint degrees, where you study with 2 or more universities and graduate with a single certificate signed by all institutions.

Studying a dual degree

We currently offer 4 dual degrees in partnership with Edith Cowan University (ECU) in Western Australia and 1 dual degree in partnership with Münster University of Applied Sciences in Germany.

Edith Cowan University dual degrees

Münster University of Applied Sciences dual degree

You'll be based in Portsmouth for most of your course. You'll spend 1 year at our partner uni.

Visas, travel and funding

We can advise you on travel arrangements, visas, finding accommodation and accessing funding that can help pay for your study and living costs when you're in Australia or Germany.

Applying for a dual degree

To apply for a dual degree, you apply to us in the normal way – through UCAS or using the direct application form at the bottom of course pages.

You don't need to apply to both universities.

Don't worry if you change your mind about studying abroad after you start the course. It's easy to transfer to a similar single degree once you're at Portsmouth.

Tuition fees

In years 1, 2 and 4, tuition fees on a dual degree are the same as a single degree – £9,250 a year if you're a UK student (£4,625 in year 4 if this lasts 6 months). You'll pay a reduced fee for your year abroad.

Fees for EU and international students depend on the course – details are on each course page.

If you're eligible for a student loan, you can use this in years 1 to 4.

Travel costs

If you're eligible for a student loan, you may be eligible for a Student Finance England Travel Grant to cover travel costs, visas, vaccinations and medical insurance. They are means-tested and vary by local education authority.

The Turing Scheme

The UK Government has launched a new scheme to replace Erasmus+ for UK institutions, named after British code breaker and mathematician Alan Turing.

The Turing Scheme can provide funding for University students to study abroad worldwide (subject to the Scheme's terms and conditions).

We made a successful application to the first year of the Turing Scheme in 2021 and are committed to applying for funding from 2022 to help cover travel expenses and costs of living whilst studying in Australia on one of our planned dual awards. We'll publish more information about the Scheme here, once confirmed.