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Applying through Clearing might seem daunting, read our blog explaining everything and see there's nothing to worry about.
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How to apply through Clearing

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"I feel like I’ve found a University that cares about me and who I am, not what my A-Level grades or UCAS Hub was. It’s a community and everybody is welcome."

Livia Fierro, BA (Hons) International Development Studies

Livia Fierro


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What is Clearing?

Clearing gives you another opportunity to find the best course for you - whether you've changed your mind, your results surprised you, or you're just starting to think about going to university this year. 

Clearing at Portsmouth could be the perfect option. 


ON SCREEN TEXT: What is Clearing?


Cristina [00:00:02] Clearing is a process of applying to university after the deadline for applying for unis. So if you decide to change your course, to change your university, Clearing is how you can get into those universities. 


Jess [00:00:15] I had originally applied to Portsmouth to Sociology with Criminology, and then decided the course probably wasn't for me. So very, very last minute, I decided in the summer that I wanted to switch courses and found International Development, and that it was too late to change through the normal application process so I decided, well, the only option was to go through Clearing. 


Nana [00:00:38] It was very nerve-wracking. I was afraid that I'd end up with nothing. However, that definitely wasn't the case and there was so much support and information online that was given to me. So it was quite straightforward, it wasn't difficult and scary at all. 


Jess [00:00:52] It was surprisingly super, super easy. I was put in touch with my course leader and it was all sorted within the hour, basically after results. 


Senura [00:01:03] The first thing I would say to somebody applying through Clearing is don't panic. 


Fatima [00:01:06] Keep positive and less worried applying through the Clearing process. 


Cristina [00:01:11] It's actually very quick and very easy. Literally the whole process of Clearing took me less than 24 hours. 


Max [00:01:17] Whether it's enrolling you into a course that you wanted or even just providing information for you, the Clearing team will always have your back. 


Nana [00:01:24] I'd definitely recommend anyone that's worried to just go with their instinct and do it. 


Max [00:01:32] I'm really happy with the choice I've made. It kind of happens to the best. 


Fatima [00:01:36] I felt so relieved knowing I've got what I wanted and my dream is about to come true.


ON SCREEN TEXT – Don’t miss a moment. Don’t miss an opportunity. Join us through Clearing.

Discover how Clearing works

Clearing 2024 opens on 5 July and closes on 21 October

Every year thousands of students find their ideal undergraduate course through Clearing. Clearing matches students who are looking for a different course or university from their original choice, or who are applying for the very first time after 30 June, to courses that universities still have places on.

The majority of people apply through Clearing once they receive their exam results on A level / T level results day (15 August 2024).

You can apply through Clearing if:

  • You don't meet the conditions of your offer for your firm (first) or insurance (second) choice courses
  • Your exam results are better than you expected and you want to change your course or university 
  • You don't hold any offers
  • You've accepted an offer but changed your mind about the course you want to do
  • You're applying for the first time after 30 June 2024 

Find out more on UCAS

Yes, we welcome Clearing applications from international students and you can apply in exactly the same way as UK students do. 

The majority of UK students apply through Clearing once they receive their A level / T level results in August 2024, so as an international student if you already have your exam results you can apply when Clearing opens. 

Make sure that you have time to get your visa, funding, and English language certification sorted out before the beginning of term.

If you would like further information or guidance, please contact our international office for advice. 

The entry requirements for courses can change in Clearing but if you want an idea of what grades we usually accept, take a look at our undergraduate course pages.

Even if you don't quite meet the entry requirements, we'd still encourage you to apply as you could still get a place.

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Yes, our four career-focused undergraduate courses at our growing London campus are available to apply for through Clearing. 

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Webinar: Applying to uni through Clearing

Yes, you can join our webinar on Tue, Aug 6, 2024 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM BST and we'll tell you all about the Clearing process. 

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What can't I apply for?

Please note that 2024 applications for the medical degree have now closed and it will not be in Clearing. If you have any questions, contact us at

Please be advised that not all courses will enter Clearing and some may only have limited spaces, so it's advisable to call our Clearing Hotline when it opens on 5 July to check the latest vacancies first. We will not know which courses will be going into Clearing until that day so we are unable to confirm this in advance of 5 July.

Clearing Hotline: 023 9284 8090