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What is a Connected Degree®?

As well as being able to take a traditional sandwich placement before your third year on most of our undergraduate degrees, you can now take your work placement after your final year. We call courses with this placement option Connected Degrees®. 

Most of our courses offer you the freedom to choose when you take your placement: either before or after your final year. 

Portsmouth is the only UK university that offers flexible sandwich placements for undergraduates. 

The opportunity is available to students joining us from September 2024. You’ll be able to decide to pursue a placement up until February of your final year. 

Connected Degrees® put the power in your hands. You customise your university experience by choosing to get the benefits of a placement year when you’re ready. Better job prospects, higher confidence and a professional mindset are yours for the taking.

Connected Degrees®

Only at Portsmouth you have the choice to take a traditional sandwich placement before your third year, or to take your placement after your final year.

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Is a fourth year placement worth it?

The option to take your placement at the end of your studies makes Portsmouth the only university where you can:

  • spend an extra year thinking about your future career path
  • explore options for placements in more depth
  • take more time to develop skills for the workplace
  • continue your studies without a break, and still get the benefits of taking a placement year 
  • stay with your friends throughout your course, before going on placement
  • connect your placement more closely to the modules you choose
  • build a bridge directly from your degree to working life
  • receive an extra year of support from the University before starting your career

How do your placement year options compare?

Completing a placement year has many benefits, with some different advantages if you choose to take your placement before or after your third year. 

Placement year benefits

  • Boost your job prospects and potential starting salary
  • Build your professional network before graduating
  • Increase your workplace skills and access to professional roles
  • Graduate with a professional mindset and industry experience 

After second year

  • Potential to be invited back for a graduate role job
  • Boost your chance of getting a 2:1 or first class degree
  • Use your final year to explore and apply for jobs

After third year

  • Potential to get a job offer from your placement provider
  • Study with your friends in your third year
  • Use your full degree journey to consider placement options

When do you need to decide?

If you're not sure when to take your placement, don't worry. You'll have plenty of time to settle into your studies and explore your options before making your choice. 

This decision usually takes place early in your second or third year – depending on when you choose to take your placement. Your faculty placement office can help you decide before you start looking for opportunities.

Once you've decided, our Placement Teams will support you through the recruitment process as you search and apply for placements.

Ready to find your course?

Explore courses with flexible placement options that connect you to the workplace, whenever you're ready.

Can you do a placement after you graduate?

You need to be a student to do a university degree placement — so you'll graduate after your first year in industry if you take your placement at the end of your studies.

As a student, you'll have access to University support and resources throughout your first year in the workplace, as well as perks such as student discounts.

And no matter when you take your placement year, you'll have support from our Careers and Employability Service for 5 years after you graduate. 

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How will you find the right placement?

You’ll get the support of a dedicated Placements Team who specialise in your area of study. They can advise you on finding and applying for the right placement year jobs. They’ll also help you decide when will be the best time to do your placement. 

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How does a flexible placement year work?

On your Connected Degree® placement year, you’ll connect with:

  • professional colleagues and build your network for the future
  • a whole industry by experiencing what it’s like to work in
  • real professional projects and challenges related to your studies
  • the skills you’ve developed to visible outcomes at work
  • a clear sense of purpose and direction for your future

Whenever you choose to do your sandwich year, you’ll graduate with proof of your placement recorded on your degree transcript. This shows future employers that you have valuable experience. It also says you’re very serious about your professional development. 

How can a placement benefit your employability?

Your Connected Degree® will boost your job prospects. You’re likely to find better paid, professional work faster if you have a placement year on your CV. What’s more, students who do placements are often offered a permanent job, back with their placement employer.