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How you apply for a degree apprenticeship depends on whether you’re currently employed or not.

How to apply with your current employer

If you’re in full-time employment and would like to do a degree apprenticeship with your current employer, ask them to complete our enquiry form so we can discuss with them how we can work together. (You might find it useful to share our information for employers page with them too.)

Our early discussions with your employer might include your academic suitability to study on your chosen course. Once they've confirmed they can support you in your studies, we'll ask you to complete an application form so we can fully assess your academic and professional suitability for the course.

How to apply with a new employer

If you’re not employed full-time or not working for a company that can fund and support your degree apprenticeship, you'll need to apply for a degree apprenticeship with a company that offers them.

You'll follow their standard recruitment process and we'll assess your academic suitability for the course once you've applied.

Browse degree apprenticeship vacancies

Finding degree apprenticeship vacancies

We can let you know when there are degree apprenticeship vacancies available with companies we work with – contact us to give us your details.

You can also search for degree apprenticeship vacancies through the find an apprenticeship search.

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