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Enhance your career skills

Doing a work-based Learning at Work degree with us has many benefits, both to you and your employer

Benefits to you

  • Your existing knowledge can count towards your degree, which reduces the amount of time you need to study
  • You gain a UK university qualification without having to take a career break
  • You can study for a UK Bachelor’s or Master’s degree from anywhere in the world
  • You don’t need to attend university, saving on accommodation and travel costs
  • You learn what you need, as you need it in your job
  • You can tailor the pace of learning to suit demands on your time
  • Your learning leads to professional and career enhancement, because what you learn is related to your job
  • You learn from subject specialists

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Benefits to your employer

  • You develop commercial and strategic awareness, which you can apply in your job
  • You do commercially valuable work projects as part of your learning programme
  • Your organisation gains knowledge of best practice and the latest technologies from your work-based projects
  • You get new knowledge and advice from University tutors, which you can pass on to others in your organisation
  • You’re more motivated as you learn new skills