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Ready to apply for uni?

Starting your university application can seem daunting, but have no fear – we're here to help

Applying to university to do an undergraduate course like a Bachelor's degree, integrated Master's course or Foundation degree might seem complicated at first. But it's simple when you break it down into smaller steps.

This section tells you everything you need to know about applying for university, from choosing an undergraduate course and university to what to do when you get your exam results.

You can also find out about our entry requirements and see how we assess your application below.

Entry requirements

Before applying for uni, you need to see if you meet the entry requirements for the course you’re applying for and these requirements could include more than just your grades.
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How to apply for full-time courses

You can apply for almost any undergraduate course through UCAS through your school or college or directly – find out how.
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How to apply for part-time and distance-learning courses

We've made it simple for you to apply directly to us for part-time and distance learning undergraduate courses – see how you can apply today.
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Writing your personal statement

Find out how to write the perfect personal statement so you include everything needed for a successful application.
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How we assess your application

When you apply to us, we take all of the information you give us into account – not just your grades.
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After you apply

Find out about additional steps to your application, like doing an interview, invitation-only events for applicants and how to prepare for starting uni.
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Information for offer holders

If we've offered you a place and you're wondering what comes next, you'll find the answers to your questions here.
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UCAS Extra

Discover how you can still apply to study with us through UCAS Extra – even if you’ve used all 5 choices on your UCAS application.
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