What to include and when to apply

How, when and where to apply for our part-time and distance learning undergraduate courses

When you're applying to study an undergraduate degree, along with the option to study full-time, some courses give you the option to study a degree part-time or through distance learning. 

These options are ideal if you want to combine studying with other commitments.

What are the benefits?

Studying a part time course, or studying through distance learning, can be a useful option depending on your circumstances.

Studying part-time

Whether you're already working, have family commitments, or just don't want to commit to studying full time, our part-time undergraduate degrees give you access to our Gold Rated teaching programmes, on a schedule that works around you.

While it'll take longer to finish a part-time course, it's the perfect option if you need your studies to fit around your lifestyle.

It's the right option if:

  • You already have a job or professional commitments
  • You want to boost your skills and qualifications to progress in your current career
  • You don't want to commit to studying full time
  • You don't mind taking longer to finish your course

Through distance learning

Studying a course online means you study at a location that suits you, at a time that fits with your schedule and other commitments. On most online courses, all you need is a computer or tablet with Internet access, and you're good to go.

We have a selection of undergraduate courses that you can study through distance learning.

It's the right option if:

  • You prefer to study from home or a location that suits you
  • You'd like to attend lectures and seminars online instead of in person
  • You're happy chatting with teaching staff and students in online forums
  • Getting to our Portsmouth Campus might be difficult or impractical

What you need to include

As part of your application, you'll need to:

  • Check the entry requirements on your chosen course page to see if you’re eligible, and whether there are any pre-requisites for joining us. If you’re not sure if you meet the entry requirements, we'll still consider an application from you, especially if you have relevant experience - get in touch to discuss your eligibility
  • Make sure you meet our English language requirements (if English isn't your first language). These are listed on our course pages.
  • Provide a supporting reference from someone who knows you academically or professionally.
  • Gather evidence of your qualifications, as we'll need to see proof
  • Write a personal statement that shows why you’d make a great student.

When to apply

Apply as soon as possible before the start of your course. This way, you won’t miss out on the critical opening weeks of your course and university events.

Find my course

There is no set deadline to send in your part-time or distance learning applications, but it's best to apply as soon as possible before the start of the course. In some cases, a deadline might be applicable, but this will be clearly indicated on the course page.

We aim to reply to applicants within 10 working days of a full application being submitted. This could be a reply with an offer, but it may also be to request further information to help with our decision.

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