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What to do if you need a visa to study

Different visa types and guidance

As an international student, you'll need a visa to study in the UK. There are a few different types of visa available from the UK government, but the type you would normally need is a Student visa.

On this visa, you can study on full-time courses as well as part-time postgraduate courses (as long as they are Level 7 or above on the UK government's Regulated Qualification Framework).

On these pages, you'll also find visa advice on extra steps you might need to take, how you can travel to other European locations on your visa, and how you can invite friends and family to visit you in the UK.

Important E-visa information

UKVI is changing the way that students prove their immigration status in the UK. Physical documents such as BRP cards are being replaced by digital immigration status known as an eVisa.

What will happen?

  • UKVI will send you an email inviting you to register for an account
  • Your immigration status will be held within this account
  • You can use this account to view your online status and share it with others – such as the University, your employer or your landlord

When will this happen?

  • UKVI aims to replace your physical documents with a new digital system by the end of 2024

What do I need to do?

  • UKVI will contact you using the last known email address they have for you and provide instructions – this may be the address email address you used when you first applied for a Student Route visa
  • It is important that you check your email – including your junk emails to see if you have received an email from UKVI
  • If someone else made the application on your behalf and provided their own email address you will need to check if they have received your email

Things to know:

  • You must not register for a UKVI account until you are invited to do so
  • You will need to follow this process if your BRP card has an end date of 31 December 2024, but your course continues beyond this date and your visa has been issued for longer
  • UKVI will not ask you for money to set up an eVisa account. If you have any concerns that the email you receive is not genuine, contact the International Student Advisers

If you can't find the information you need, there are various other sources of help: