Tuition fees for international students

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How To Pay Your Tuition Fees as an international student

Find out the cost of your tuition and different ways to pay your fees

How much you pay in tuition fees as an international student depends on whether your course is based in classrooms, laboratories or both, and whether your course includes a placement year. You can find out what you'll pay on your course page.

The following are typical tuition fee figures for international students for the next 3 years. If you take a placement year, you only pay the nominal placement year fee.

Academic Year Fee Placement year fee
2019/20 £13,900 – £15,900 £2,400
2020/21 £14,300 – £16,400 £2,500 – £16,400
2021/22 £14,700 – £16,900 £2,600 – £16,400

For courses starting from September 2021/22, following a review of the international fee policy, the tuition fee will be fixed for the duration of that course at the University*. Please note that conditions apply and the tuition fees may be subject to a maximum inflationary rise of 5% per annum 

*This does not apply to courses studied at our partner institutions where a different fee policy applies - please check with the partner institution for details. 

How to pay your tuition fees

You can pay your fees in a number of ways using Webpay.

You can make one-off payments for fees and set up Bank Transfers, Recurring Card payments and Direct Debit instructions. You’ll need your student ID number to do this. If you're paying your own fees, you should choose 'self' from the ‘Payer relationship’ dropdown menu on the Webpay form.

If someone else is paying your fees for you, they can make payments or set up a payment plan on WebPay. To do this, they'll need your student ID number, full name and date of birth. The person completing the form will need to verify their relationship to you.

Once the plan is set up, you’ll receive a confirmation email.


Once you receive an offer to study with us, you'll need to pay a £2000 deposit to confirm your place. You can pay your deposit using Webpay. This deposit will count towards your tuition fees.

Once you've paid your deposit and you've met the academic conditions of your offer, we'll send you a Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies (CAS) document. You'll need the CAS for your visa

The earliest you can receive your CAS is 3 months before the start of your course, as long as all other conditions have been met.

You don't have to pay a £2000 deposit if:

  • You're sponsored by your government or a company in your region – you'll need to provide evidence to our finance department
  • You're from a European Union member state
  • You're from Switzerland or a European Economic Area member state
  • You're from the USA and will receive a Federal/Sallie Mae Direct Loan
  • You'll be doing a distance learning course
  • You're coming on an Exchange programme
  • You're joining us from International College Portsmouth (ICP)
  • You're an alumnus or alumna of the University and are continuing directly to a postgraduate course without any gap in studies
  • You choose not take up your place at the University

You might be able to get a refund of your deposit under certain circumstances. Please check the tuition fee policy for further information. To make a refund appeal, email

Halls of residence deposit

If you’re staying in our halls of residence, you’ll also need to pay a £250 deposit. You shouldn’t pay this until you’ve received your accommodation offer from our Student Housing Team.

When you leave the accommodation at the end of your contract, the deposit will be refunded into the account it came from. Please note, your deposit will only be returned after all your fees have been paid, you’ve returned your keys and a satisfactory room check has been completed by your hall manager.

Non-payment of tuition fees

If you don’t pay your tuition fee by the due date of your invoice, you’ll receive non-payment reminders for your fees. If you fail to respond to reminder emails, a ‘Withdrawal of Service’ will be applied to your record. This restricts your access to University services such as Moodle, the Library and Wi-Fi. 

If your payment isn’t received within 4 teaching weeks of losing your services, you’ll be excluded from your course for non-payment of fees. If you’re excluded, you’re no longer considered a student of the University. You will not be permitted to attend lectures, or continue to use the University services or facilities.

If you’re late in paying accommodation fees, you’ll receive letters and emails requesting you pay the outstanding funds. If these are ignored, you’re at risk of being evicted from your halls of residence.  


You can choose to pay your tuition fees in 2 instalments or in 6 monthly instalments.

Paying in 2 instalments

You may wish to pay your fee in 2 instalments, with your first instalment being 50% of the total cost. 

The first instalment will be due before, or on receipt of, your tuition fee invoice.

Your next due date will be 4 January if you started in September, or 4 May if you started in January.

You'll need to email to confirm the payment you've made and that you'll pay the balance of fees by the next due date. You may pay this earlier if you want.

Paying in 6 monthly instalments

If you choose to pay in 6 monthly instalments, you'll need to complete a Direct Debit or recurring card payment on your debit or credit card. Read more about Direct Debit on our Webpay site.
Instalments start in October if you register for your course in September, or in February if you register for your course in January. Instalments are generally collected on the 4th of each month. 

If the 4th of the month falls on a weekend or bank holiday, payments will be collected on the next working day. Recurring card payments may be taken on a day to suit you – contact us to request this.

You should complete the instalment mandate when you register on your course, by selecting “Recurring Card Payment” and setting your payment amount as £0.00. Once you’ve received your confirmation email, contact us at so we can send you a payment schedule with dates and amounts.

If you don't complete the mandate, this could result in reduced collection periods or a revised collection date. This means you’ll have higher monthly instalment amounts and less flexibility if you run into financial problems.

Your number of payment instalments will depend on when you complete the mandate. If you complete it as soon as you’re invoiced, you’ll have 6 payment instalments, but if you complete it later, the number of instalments could decrease.

This will depend on the date the mandate is submitted.


You’ll be emailed your invoice once you’ve registered, your course start date has passed and you’ve completed your ID check during your orientation.

If you need evidence of the fee before then, your Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) statement should include the amount you’ll be charged. If this is not sufficient, please send an email requesting a pro-forma invoice to

Please note, you’ll receive an official invoice from the email address

If you’ve requested a pro-forma invoice, this will be from the email address

If you receive an invoice from any other email address, don't reply to it. Instead, please forward it to so we can check if it is valid.

Tuition fee discount

You're entitled to a 2% discount if you pay your tuition fees before the due date on your invoice. This is only available on the self-funded element of your fee.

You'll need to deduct the 2% yourself before making your payment. This discount is not available if you have a scholarship or sponsorship. You can use our Tuition Fee Calculator to help you work out how much you should pay.


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