If you're a current student or alumni, we want to reward you for promoting the University of Portsmouth to your friends, family or colleagues.

So if you refer a friend and they join us, you can earn up to £400 through one of our referral awards. Here are your two referral options, and advice on how to make them.

International Alumni Referral Award (IARA)

If you're from a country outside of the EU, you can earn £400 if you refer a friend, family member or colleague to the university and their application results in a registration.

To be eligible for the award, the person you are referring must select “International Alumni Referral Award (IARA)” in the 'Have you applied via an Agency/Partner?' section of their application and complete an IARA form.

EU Referral Award (EURA)

If you're from a country within the European Union (EU), you can still earn a referral award of £200. The person you are referring will need to be considered EU Fee Paying to qualify for this. They must also be a first-time student with us who is applying for a full-time, campus-based course lasting for at least one academic year.

To be eligible for the award, the person you are referring must select “EU Referral Award (EURA)” in the 'Have you applied via an Agency/Partner?' section of their application and upload a completed EURA form.

There's no limit on the amount of applicants for whom you can make a claim, but you can only claim one referral award per registration. If the person you refer has already been referred by someone else, the first person to refer them would get the award. They will also need to be a direct applicant to us, as UCAS applicants are not eligible.

Finally, you'll need to submit an invoice to agentadmin@port.ac.uk to receive your payment. For courses starting in September, you'll be paid in November; for January starters, payment will be made in March.

Referral Awards guidance

  • You are only eligible for a referral award when you refer newly recruited students applying to a full-time campus based courses. The award can’t be claimed for students who have previously studied at Portsmouth, or on any of its franchised or distance learning courses overseas, or at an institution that has an articulation agreement with the University of Portsmouth.
  • Students need to be registered on a programme lasting one academic year or longer (You can’t claim for students attending one semester or a Pre-sessional English course).
  • International and EU/EEA status is dictated by the fee category of the applicant. (Applicants classified as UK Home students or exchange students are not eligible). The EU Referral Award includes students from the European Economic Area.
  • There is no limit to the amount of applicants you can claim for.
  • To refer a potential student, the individual you are referring needs to select and complete the IARA/EURA option when making their application and upload a completed referral form (EURA or IARA).
  • If the applicant you refer registers at the University of Portsmouth, you will receive your referral award of £400 for the IARA and £200 for the EURA. This will only be paid if you have no outstanding fees or other debts to the University.
  • You must submit an invoice and payment will be made after November or March.
  • Only one referral award can be given per registration. If an application is referred by more than one student/alumni or contracted Representative of the University, the first referral received will be the one that is rewarded
  • If the applicant requires a Tier 4 student visa please give them the email address for our International Student Advisers who can provide up to date and current visa advice. student-visa@port.ac.uk Visa information changes on a regular basis – please do not give advice yourself, it may have changed from when you applied.
  • The Referral Award Scheme is open to all current stude