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Why study Engineering?

Engineering uses science, mathematics and empirical evidence to design, plan, build and maintain things like engines, power systems, machines, buildings and structures. From new product innovations to large-scale public projects, engineering keeps the modern world moving forward, so an Engineering degree is an always-relevant, always in-demand qualification.

We offer degrees in four areas of Engineering – Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Energy Engineering. Depending on which you decide to pursue, your undergraduate or postgraduate Engineering degree could be the perfect preparation for jobs such as aerospace engineer, product design engineer, geotechnical engineer, or an expert in sustainable construction.  

3 reasons to study Engineering with us

  • We have lots of links with industry, including local organisations. You could do an optional placement year at companies such as Airbus Defence and Space, Network Rail, Highways England, London Underground, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars and GE Aviation.
  • We have foundation degree options if you’ve got ambitions for a career in engineering, but don’t meet the entry requirements for one of our Bachelor's degree programmes.
  • Access top of the line equipment, laboratories, experimental and computational facilities and expert technical support staff to get the most out of your studies.

I enjoyed everything about studying Civil Engineering at the University of Portsmouth. The lecturers were immensely supportive, and the degree is an excellent one to have – it opens doors wherever you go, and you'll be highly sought-after.

Hasibullah Ahmadi, MEng Civil Engineering

Discover Civil Engineering

BEng (Hons) Civil Engineering student Joshua Mason talking about his work placement with Geoffrey Osborne, a leading construction and solutions provider in the UK.

My name is Josh Mason and I'm a third year civil engineer at the University of Portsmouth.
I chose University because I wanted something bigger than the campus university, something with a bit of life but I wanted something compact enough that it was going to become my new home.  
I've just finished my placement year in between my second and third year. I've just finished with Jeffrey Osborne, they're a huge contractor in the UK, and I've actually been offered a graduate scheme and sponsorship out there so I've got that link into industry.
I would definitely recommend Portsmouth to anyone thinking about further education whether you're seventeen and you're scared about your undergrad or you're like me and you're about to start a master's next year.
I think it's a city that's easy to make friends in, and you become part of something bigger.

Discover Energy and Electronic Engineering

Discover more about the School of Energy and Electronic Engineering, where we explore how technology is used to understand and improve the way we interact with energy in all its forms.

Video showing what you'll study in the School of Energy and Electronic Engineering, its research, facilities and highlights. (No dialogue.)

Professional accreditations

Most of our courses are accredited by professional bodies such as the Institution of Engineering and Technology, the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, and the Institution of Engineering Designers.

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