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Why study data science and machine learning?

We’re swimming in more data than is humanly manageable, which means there’s a huge demand for professionals who can enhance their ability to make sense of the data with artificial intelligence and computer analysis.

Studying a course that allows you to develop skills and expertise in data science and machine learning means you can step up to the roles in statistics, scientific techniques and programming that turn data into insight across research and business. 

You’ll qualify with the skills demanded by any industry that uses data: from astronomical bodies to protein structures, from medical diagnosis to marketing personalisation. Follow your interests through the mathematical underpinnings of the subject, the computer programming, and the practical application of your studies, as you prepare for a career  working with the defining resource of the 21st century. 


Discover Computer Networks

Eleanor: My name is Eleanor Abbiss and I study computer networks. It's about creating first world basic understanding so you learn about Windows and you learn about Linux operating systems. As well as creating your own networks, you each have your own pod and then you use that to configure your own network in here.

You are given a design and you need to fit all the routers and switches to that design. I love the problem solving aspect of my course. There's always issues that need to be solved and it's about figuring out how best to solve those problems, so that in the future you then "I know, I've had the problem before, I know how to fix it this time" and it's all about constantly evolving. Networking is constantly evolving.

I chose Portsmouth because it was the number one university for Computer Networks. They're building a new Cisco Suite which is great, and you'll be able to do your CCNA here as well as studying your degree at the same time. 

As set out in the National Data Strategy, data is now the driving force of the world’s modern economies. It fuels innovation in businesses large and small and has been a lifeline during the global coronavirus pandemic.

Gov UK, Quantifying the UK Data Skills Gap (May 2021)

What can you do with a data science or machine learning degree?

Data science is a massive growth sector right now, according to Prospects, across industries from health and science to retail and finance. Employment site lists graduate starting salaries for data science roles as high as £40–£60K, rising to senior roles earning over £100K. 

You’ll apply your experience with Python tools and analytic skills to data in sectors such as:

  • finance
  • academic and scientific research
  • health
  • retail and ecommerce
  • IT
  • civil service and government
  • police
  • defence and intelligence services
  • transport
  • telecommunications

Reasons to study with us

  • You’ll access our high performance computing laboratory, where you’ll have access to advanced data science and machine learning software including Python and Matlab, machine learning libraries such as scikit learn, TensorFlow and PyTorch (accessed through Jupyter Notebooks), and industry standard applications. 
  • You’ll work on live data and real-world problems – depending on your choices, you might test your AIs against existing threats in our forensic computing labs, or apply your models and techniques to current problems in industry
  • You can take on a paid placement year, gaining valuable work experience with data scientists in industry ahead of your final year studies. Previous placements have included time with IBM, GlaxoSmithKline and major banks. 


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