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Below are answers to frequently asked questions about replacing degree parchments, transcripts and academic verifications, obtaining personal references and contacting your alumni peers.

As more frequently answered questions arise, we'll update this section with relevant information.

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Award parchment

Your award parchment is a coloured certificate showing your name, award title, classification and date of the award. Award classifications include first, upper second, lower second, third, merit and distinction.

Replacement parchments

If your original parchment is lost or damaged, we can replace it for a fee.

Replacements cost £35 for one parchment and £10 for each additional parchment of the same award ordered at the same time. This cost includes postage by Royal Mail Recorded delivery.

You can order a maximum of six parchments at once.

Complete the replacement parchment form below to request a new parchment. Once you submit the form we'll verify your award and send you an email with a validation code and payment information.

We approve parchment requests manually. If we receive a high volume of requests, there may be a delay in sending your validation code.

If you apply for a replacement parchment on behalf of someone else, you need written permission from the award holder.

Request a replacement parchment


Certified copies of original award parchments

You may need to provide a certified copy of your award parchment to companies like educational institutions or governments authorities. This is different to a replacement parchment.

To request a certified copy of your parchment, send a scanned copy of your original parchment to academicverifications@port.ac.uk with a postal address so we can deliver your copy.

Once we receive your parchment we'll check your award and stamp and certify the copy before returning it to you. This service is free of charge.

Email us for a certified copy of your award



Your transcript lists the modules you passed during your studies, and the mark and credit level for each module.

Replacement transcript

If your original transcript is lost or damaged, your department can replace it for a fee.

Replacements cost £35 for one transcript and £10 for each additional transcript ordered at the same time. This cost includes postage by Royal Mail Recorded delivery.

You can order a maximum of six transcripts at once.

Complete the replacement transcript form on the online store to request a new transcript.

Request a replacement transcript


Personal reference

If you're looking for a personal or character reference from an academic, you'll need to ask the faculty you studied under to see whether this can be arranged. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any queries regarding your faculty.

Proof of awards

You can get proof of your award as a letter or email for free. Your verification letter will include information such as your award data and study dates.

A letter of verification is different to a replacement parchment. You'll usually receive your letter via email. For details about your units you'll need a replacement transcript.

You need written permission from the award holder to apply for award verification on their behalf.

Request proof of your award

Looking for fellow alumni?

Our lives often lead us far the places we once called home, the social groups we once surrounded ourselves with and individuals who were so important to our university experience.

If you're looking for fellow alumni you may have lost contact with, we may be able to help you. We can't share individual details due to privacy regulations, but we may be able to contact alumni on your behalf, or put out a call out on social media

Please email alumni@port.ac.uk with your enquiry, including individual names, courses studied, approximate dates and any other relevant information,. We'll see what we can do to help.

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Want to share your journey since Graduation?

Do you have a story to share, a success to celebrate or simply want to provide feedback about your university experience?

Get in touch with the team by emailing alumni@port.ac.uk to submit your career profile.

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