We're marking British Science Week by celebrating some of the excellent research taking place across the University, and what connects it to the real world

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This year's British Science Week took place this month, so what better time to recognise some of the exceptional impacts being generated by our researchers in the sciences?

The theme for British Science Week 2023 was connections - celebrating the importance of connections between individuals, research groups and institutions in STEM subjects, as well as connections across different areas of science.

Research impact is all about connecting behind-the-scenes research to members of the public, as research findings are applied to real world problems to help make changes for the better. Here are some of the impacts developing within STEM subjects at the University of Portsmouth, connecting research to the real world.

Apps to tackle climate change

A project in the School of Mathematics and Physics is developing app technology to investigate changes in travel behaviour to reduce private car usage.

This project aims not only to improve air quality in the Solent region and make it a better place to live, but also to reduce broader environmental impacts and tackle climate change - bringing research from beneath a screen, out into the fresh air.

Feeling the universe

The Institute of Cosmology and Gravitation have developed the Tactile Universe project - tactile representations of real astronomy data, making space accessible and engaging for blind and visually impaired school pupils, and training science communicators and researchers to do the same.

These research-driven 3D printed resources are connecting children to stars in ways that don't rely on sight.

A Tactile Universe community event

A Tactile Universe community event in January 2017

Co-development to make a difference

Researchers in the School of Sport, Health and Exercise Science have been investigating ways to engage members of the public in order to generate better health outcomes, from patients with cystic fibrosis to promoting PPI.

The use of co-development connects researchers and the public from the early stages of research through to the final outcomes, enabling the most appropriate provisions informed by those who need them.

Making revision fun (and effective)

Game-based learning is being explored in the School of Health and Care Professions, including the ways that existing game-based learning techniques may be extended to facilitate the revision process of nursing students.

Developments in game-based learning connect different disciplines, as well as connecting researchers, learners, and the public who they will eventually treat.

SHSSW photo shoot, November 2018 Nursing, Operating Department Practice (ODP) and Paramedic Science students.

These are just a few of our many research projects that are making a difference to real lives around the world - including your own.

From influencing legislation on the trade of ivory goods to inspiring citizen research to build public exhibitions, our researchers are building connections and making a difference in ways you might not expect.