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Take part in research looking at new virus detection methods

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Team ResVir needs people of all ages to help join the fight against respiratory viruses that cause breathing problems in some people.

Study Description

We need people with cold or flu like symptoms to help!

You can help train our new technology to spot nasty viruses far quicker than we do now. By doing this, you're helping us improve future NHS services for everyone.

Taking part is simple and easy. We just need a swab from your nose and some background information. This is then sent to our research lab for tests.

We're still testing this new technology so it's not quite ready for hospitals to use. This means that we can't tell you what your test results are, but it is helping us. The technology needs lot of samples, so every swab we get makes a big difference.

If you help us, no one will know who you are (unlike the viruses) and things you tell and information we record is kept very safe.

Swabs can be a bit uncomfortable, but it's super-fact and won't cause you any harm.

Remember it is your choice to take part and you can always change your mind at any time without giving us a reason.

What will participants be doing?

You will have a swab taken up the nose, and provide some background information.


Phone: 02392 283080
Email: ResVir.Study@porthosp.nhs.uk
Web: https://portsmouthtechnologiestrialsunit.org.uk

Participant characteristics:

  • must have cold or flu like symptoms.
  • staff, students and the general public.
  • any gender.
  • aged 18+

Closing date for applications

1 August 2024.

Ethics code: 22/SC/0467

(South Central, Berkshire B Research Ethics Committee)
The ResVir Study