Eliska in Peru

Find out about Eliska Svrlanska BA (Hons) Photography student reflecting on her Self Employed year placement

5 minutes

Tell us about your career plans and your Self Employed Placement idea 

Travelling the world, meeting new people, learning about diverse cultures, and exploring different landscapes and locations was always a big dream of mine! Well, and thanks to self-employed placement, I was able to do so this year in South America!

How is your placement related to your university degree?

 After finishing my second year of studying photography I decided to startup my freelance photography business. The idea was to work or volunteer as a photographer and media content creator for some small NGOs or sport/outdoor organisations and at the same time do some freelance writing for travel blogs or magazines. 

What skills have you developed so far?

 I improved my skills not only in photography and post production but also in writing, cinematography, and design. I gained confidence in discussing my work and projects, as well as conversing with current or potential customers about our expectations, work schedule, and ultimate output. 

Eliska showing her camera equipment

Ellie sharing her camera with a curious and interested child! 

Eliska demonstrating how to use a camera

Ellie demonstrating how to use her camera equipment! 

What are your plans for the future?

As for my future plans, I want to keep that freelance and travelling way of life, mainly focused on photography and travel writing, since those are the things I enjoy the most and would love to improve them. 

What have you learnt during your placement year?

Placement year made me realise that not only do I enjoy living abroad, changing location frequently, working with different clients and on different locations but also that I am capable of managing my time schedule properly to keep this lifestyle sustainable for myself.

Eliska during her SEP

What have you found challenging?

The biggest challenge for me during my SEP year was definitely managing my time since this is my first time working as a freelance photographer. Finding the balance between working for multiple clients, on different projects, attending university workshops and educating myself in photography and other fields didn’t come easy, and it took me a while to learn how to prioritise and work effectively. 

What's the best thing about your placement so far?

I spent three months in Peru and after that, three months in Chile. During that time I had my internship as a photographer and a media content creator for an NGO Globalteer. I worked as a photographer for small travel organisations and businesses such as Husky Point and Nativa Expeditions, and I started to collaborate with a sports brand Kilpi for whom I’m doing photography and travel writing.

What was your main goal from the Self employed placement experience?

My main goal was to build my portfolio, strengthen my website, and broaden my experiences so that, after graduation, I could make a career as a freelance photographer and travel writer.