Apples in a food market

Our International Student Ambassadors talk about where you can get your favourite international food in Portsmouth

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This blog is written by 2 of our International Student Ambassadors, Anja Owona Okoa and Oshin Danish. 

International food shops are really important for international students and luckily there are a number of these shops across Portsmouth.

Some of the food you may need can be found in supermarkets like Tesco, Lidl and Asda, but for more specific items you'll need to make a trip to one of the dedicated international food shops. 

Here are some of our favourites.

Sun Hung Chang

233 Commercial Road

This store is especially good for Chinese international students. They stock a great variety of products that are all good value for money. The staff are also super friendly and helpful.

Portsmouth International Food Centre

47-49 Fratton Rd

This place is near Fratton station and Asda. You can get a wide variety of Asian spices, as well as a selection of Halal meat for a good price.

Okey Chinese Supermarket

106 Elm Grove

Okey Chinese Supermarket is like Asia Mart, but better. The amount of choice there is simply phenomenal and stock plenty of products that you won't be able to find anywhere else, like Chinese dried mango.

It is difficult to explain the variety of foods that are stocked in Okey Chinese Supermarket but to name a few, there's a huge variety of noodles, many types of frozen Asian pastries and a very large sauce aisle.

I would recommend it to all of those that are missing their local cuisine, or have a love for East Asian food.

Okey Supermarket

Mediterranean Super Market

111-113 Elm Grove

All things Mediterranean right here, including our favourite breads like Khubs and Laban. You can also get fresh vegetables and baked goods.

His Glory Food Store

95 Fawcett Rd

His Glory Food Store is a small African food store on Fawcett Road. It has most of the African food essentials you could need including stock, spice mixes, fou fou, plantain chips and of course plantain itself.

It’s in a great location, close to the main student areas, so is very easy to get to. If you have a craving to make jollof rice, whether it be Nigerian, Ghanaian or anywhere else… you can find your ingredients here.