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Take advantage of your beloved student discount and enhance your studies

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Discover some top apps to help you through your studies with Ben Palmer, student ambassador. 

Below are just a few of the apps I used during my time as a student, including apps that give you discounts on clothes, food and more, and apps that can help academically.

As students, we know that balancing the social, academic and other factors of university life can be challenging. If any apps out there are going to be able to make it easier, it’s going to be these ones: 


Unidays logo

Uni days

It’s likely you’ve heard of this one as it’s one of the most popular student discount apps out there.

This app uses your university or college email to verify that you’re currently studying and gives you access to discounts for many mainstream stores. These include fashion brands such as ASOS and Nike, beauty brands like The Body Shop and Charlotte Tilbury, and food services like Pizza Express.

Knocking off a tenner from brands like these makes it more possible to treat yourself after a hard exam or getting a good grade back. Your account will be valid until the end of your time studying, though you may have to re-verify your account every now and again.

Student Beans logo

Student beans

Student Beans is a similar idea to UniDays, where students can sign up and get discounts on a range of stores.

The two apps have discounts for different stores so I always check both apps to see if I can get a cheeky discount. Despite having less downloads than UniDays it has codes for a variety of mainstream stores such as Gym Shark, Pandora and even Greggs.

Using Student Beans combination with UniDays means you have a much higher chance of getting a discount code that actually works so it’s a good idea to have both — plus they’re both completely free.

Too Good To Go logo

Too good to go

Too good to go is a service that benefits the buyer, the supplier, and the environment. It’s an app that allows you to save food from being thrown out of cafes and restaurants such as Costa, Starbucks and Greggs.

Once a day, you can buy food for a massively discounted price which means you stop food from being wasted.

Wasted food makes its way to the landfill and releases CO2 and other gasses adding to the greenhouse gas effect, saving this food means less food goes to the landfill and fewer students go hungry.

This is a great app to get for a quick cheap snack, you can even use it with our cafes like the University Learning Centre café on the fifth floor.

Academic life

Here are just a few study apps I use to keep on top of my university work and life.

Notion logo


Notion is the queen of organisation apps. It's been programmed with a huge number of features so you can tailor the layout, colours, and structure of your notion pages.

Pages range from to-do lists to timetables with collaborative elements, so you can use the app for group projects too.

Not only can you use the basic systems on the free version of the app, but as a student you can register to get the full app with additional features for free with your university email.

This is one of the only organiser programmes where you can completely change the colours, images and shapes so your note suit your desired aesthetic.

Todoist logo


If Notion more advanced than what you need, Todoist is a really clean alternative.

This to-do list app works across devices, and you can separate your lists into subjects and prioritise important things.

If you want to start keeping on top of assignments and deadlines, this is a great one to get started with. 

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