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Some of our International Student Ambassadors discuss their favourite place to get a coffee in the city

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This blog is written by 3 of our International Student Ambassadors, Annika Sailer, Anja Owona Okoa and Oshin Danish. 

Southsea Beach Cafe

Located right on the beach, this spot is a must for anyone who enjoys a nice long walk by the water and wants to go for a quick coffee break before continuing on with their day. This café has everything you need – scenic views, amazing food and a great variety of hot drinks.

If the weather is nice, you can also enjoy sitting on a lovely outdoor terrace. Fun fact: they also have a little takeaway hatch where you can get ice cream and hot drinks on the go – and they do not skimp on the marshmallows!



Baffled Coffee 

This is the place to grab a sandwich when you're really starving, the portion sizes are amazing. The cappuccinos are really great, and all of their tasty food is also freshly made. Yum!

Parade Tea Rooms

Parade Tea Rooms is an amazing place to wind down. They offer warm food if you're hungry for lunch but also sell a wonderful variety of coffees, teas and cakes which are displayed in such a lovely way that you will struggle to keep yourself from tasting just one! This is a place where you can dress up just a little bit with some jeans and a nice top, but also offers a cosy environment with it’s wonderful interior design – an outlook onto green grass and the sea… it's best to go on a sunny day!

Cake at Parade Tearooms

Enjoy a drink and dessert at the Parade Tearooms

Southsea Coffee 

This place is fully dedicated to serving you the best coffee of your life! Since 2013, this charming coffee shop has been located right on Osborne Road in the heart of Southsea, and the owners, Tare and Martyn, are very passionate about offering the best service possible to their community and it shows. You’ll feel right at home here as it offers an atmospheric escape from the bustles of life with its earthy vibes.

It's a nice place for a catch up date, some self-reflection or even some light revision as the noise tends to be kept quite low so that you can easily chat to a friend or study.

Their speciality is the exceptional coffee they serve from a variety of UK roasters, but they also offer incredibly tasty food as well. From cinnamon buns to kimchi sriracha eggs, raw cakes to nourishing bowls, you'll always find something new and exciting.  

Bread Addiction 

I will begin by saying; try the chocolate brownie! Like, go and have it while you read this. I love the coffee here and they do really delicious sandwiches too. It's on a main street, around 15 minutes walking distance from the University Library, and is a few minutes from the University bus stop in case you don't want to walk.

Garage Lounge 

This is my favourite place to go in the whole city! Not only do they serve amazing coffee, but they always have the most stunning – and incredibly tasty – cakes on display. It's the cosiest place to go for a catch-up coffee with a friend, a casual breakfast date or to hang out and study while enjoying one of their huge chocolate chip cookies or delicious raspberry cheesecake brownies.

Also – the pancakes?! Go and see for yourself – they're incredible. I always take friends or family here that are visiting from out of town and they always want to come back the next day. There's plenty of vegan options as well! Trust me, you'll feel warm and happy after visiting here. 

Canvas Coffee

This place is located inside the station and has a very cosy ambiance. You'll not just enjoy the coffee here, but you'll also love the cakes, pastries and muffins too! Grab a coffee right before you hop on the train. 

Beeny's coffee shop

Visit Beeny's Coffee for a delicious selection of vegan cakes


Beeny's Coffee

This is a nice little spot over on Tangier Road for those a little further out of the way. They serve vegan cakes, which are delicious even to the non-vegan, and have a wide range of
coffee flavours, milkshakes and hot food options. It's sat in the heart of a neighbourhood so many locals hop in and out of the store, even the barista will pop across the street at times.

The long and wide windows offer a kind view to the curious cat of the park across the street and locals going about their lives. It's a very loving, open and free place to be where you can be sure that someone will offer friendly conversation if you're seeking it! 

Andre’s Food Bar 

This is the oldest sandwich shop in Portsmouth, with lots of options. It's right across from St. Andrew’s Building, and you get some really nice doughnuts here as well. It is nice and cosy, and again, vegan and vegetarian options are available too!

Café in the Park

This is not just the location, but it's also the name of the place! This is a really cute cafe, vegetarian and vegan friendly, and serves breakfast, lunch and amazing brunch! It's based right in the heart of Victoria Park, surrounded by beauty - especially when the Sun is out. It has some really delicious cakes and baked goods. I love cappuccino, and this cafe does my favourite. Oh, and the Mocha here is yum!!