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Amanda Nok Andrew

Energy and Power Systems Management

The calling has been amazing and I have noticed that my communication skills have improved tremendously, and I find myself being able to hold long conversations easily. I have heard many interesting stories and the calling has allowed me to get to know the alumni of the university, especially those in my field of study.

Most of the alumni I’ve spoken with have given me amazing advice in terms of steps to take after graduation. Most of them stressed the importance of networking and skill development which will be very helpful to know for my future.

Sufian Attyeh


I am enjoying the calling a lot, where I am especially enjoying the aspect of exchanging anecdotes with alumni and contrasting our university experiences. The most useful advice that I have been given by an alumnus is that I should always remember to chase the things that I want in life, not the things that I think I ought to chase.

Thank You

Thank you to all of you who have donated and spoken with our student callers so far, providing valuable career advice and your words of wisdom. After two amazing weeks of speaking with you, our student callers are looking forward to continuing their journey and connecting with more alumni over the coming week.

Find out more about opportunities to support students.

It’s the final week of students reaching out to Portsmouth alumni. The last week these callers will talk with you about ways you can support students, including through the Portsmouth Futures Fund. You’ve shared memories of your own time at uni, and you’ve given callers wonderful life and career advice. Here they share some of their favourite stories and thoughts about the conversations they feel privileged to have had with you.

The final week of student calling

Over the past two weeks student callers have spoken with 759 of you. You’ve shared fond memories from your own time as a student at the University of Portsmouth, offered guidance and sometimes even job leads! Callers, in turn, have let you know about ways you can support students.

Alumni have already donated an amazing amount of money to help students facing hardship and we’ll reveal the total raised in next week’s blog, after calling has come to an end. You can be confident that your contributions support students who need it most, levelling the playing field so that every student has the opportunity for an enriched learning experience and the very best shot at a bright future. Here callers share some of the favourite stories they’ve heard from you and their thoughts about the conversations they feel privileged to have had.

Our telephone callers

I am thoroughly enjoying the calling as it showed me how important it is to get insight from people who have entered the professional market.

Sufian Attyeh, Law