Heritage Hub

The Heritage Hub is a developing initiative of UoP researchers working across all faculties.

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The Heritage Hub is a developing initiative of UoP researchers working across all faculties. The project started with pockets of research strength and community engagement in heritage in collaboration with partners from the city of Portsmouth and beyond. During the last year, the Hub has started developing its overarching strategy and has successfully identified and supported key heritage researchers and strands that will form the basis of Portsmouth’s unique approach to heritage-based research. 

The Hub has developed research strands that bridge the gap between Science, Engineering and Art and Humanities Researchers via interdisciplinary heritage research projects. These are (1) oral histories, communities, and identity, (2) conservation science, (3) valuing heritage, (4) community heritage, and (5) connecting heritage. The Hub’s first formal year of development has brought to light various projects including the community heritage of Tyneham village (with the MoD), valuing the intangible heritage of the Lido (with PCC), Portsmouth Black History, the Mary Rose hackathon (with Mary Rose Trust), non-destructive monitoring of fungal activity on HMS Victory (with HMS Victory), oral histories of our alumni, and the rural heritage project Towards Smart Villages (with Weald and Downland Living Museum and Fishbourne Roman Palace Museum). These projects have enabled the Hub to establish inroads into deepening relationships with local and regional non-HEI heritage organisations and community groups.

The Hub has been developing its strategy to ensure that it is placed on a firm footing to grow its sustainable research strands, impact, public engagement, and student engagement. The Hub’s future or planned outcomes include:

  • Significantly higher level of engagement with regional, national and international non-HEIs and community organisations leading to partnerships in Knowledge Exchange and research projects;
  • Externally funded projects supported through Hub-led collaborations and networks; 
  • Annual Culture and Heritage week at UoP and regular participation in, and celebration of, national and international festivals;
  • Significant contribution to delivering on the Civic University agenda; 
  • Significantly higher level of student engagement and placements relating to heritage;
  • Embed Portsmouth as a leader in research and engagement in heritage, port cities, coastal communities, and marine assets.
  • Become nationally acknowledged as a centre of excellence in heritage.
Heritage Hub presentation

The Heritage Hub will act as a catalyst for social and research infrastructure at the University of Portsmouth. The Heritage Hub Board consists of diverse expertise from across the university and will aim to connect with the university communities in order to preserve the Institution’s history and tell its story.  The board will also connect to the University researchers to bring together colleagues for collaborative projects that support the development of researchers at different levels and contribute University aims and agendas.

What can the Heritage Hub do for you? 

1) If you are a researcher working in heritage, we can explore potential research ideas and connect relevant researchers, stakeholders, and communities 

2) If you work with or know of a community group working in heritage, we can support initiatives that empower these communities to capture, value, and interpret their heritage. 

3) If you have an idea for how to involve students in heritage research or engagement, we can facilitate working with partners on live case studies in order to provide students with experience on real-life challenges and projects with local stakeholders. 

4) If you have an idea about how to preserve the University's heritage or to tell the University's story, we can help in internal communications and in accessing required materials as much as possible. 

5) If you have an idea for a large project, we can support your networking activities, team building, and the communications to relevant stakeholders/partner.

In conclusion, the Hub is open to all and other ideas; we invite all to join us and contribute and we value every story and activity that contributes to promoting research and innovation in the field of heritage.