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CCI Graduate Show 2021 is live

With over 200 graduates exhibiting, our second virtual Graduate Show is bigger and  better.

Head over to the exhibition to see the magnificent work our graduates have created amid the adverse challenges of the pandemic.

Visit Graduate Show 2021 exhibition

This year, for the first time, our annual Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries Graduate Show is completely online.

While we missed the chance to celebrate our graduates' work in physical exhibitions this year, our digital showcase is your opportunity to see our graduates' achievements. Many of them completed their final major projects during lockdown, exploring alternative and creative ways to finish and present their work. Take a look at some examples of our students' projects and find out more about our creative degrees. 

"It felt great to know the judges loved my design as much as I do. It is a concept that I really believe in and put my heart and soul into, just like every other project I do. I’m a firm believer that you should give back to the community and for the Graduate Show committee to admire my ambitious concept shows they share a similar view – to appreciate all the good work done by the students."

Read Catarina's story

Hear from our graduates

Caleb Johnston

BA (Hons) Film Production
Caleb Johnston standing with high quality camera
Read Caleb's story

Dina Grinevica

BA (Hons) Journalism
Dina Grinevica standing smiling at camera
Read Dina's story

Evangeline Papanicola

BSc (Hons) Digital Media
Evangeline Papanicola sitting smiling at camera in white dress
Read Evangeline's story

George Honeywell

BSc (Hons) Computer Games Technology
George Honeywell standing smiling at camera in the sun
Read George's story

Jessica Burton

BA (Hons) Interior Architecture and Design
Jessica Burton standing smiling at camera in pink denim overalls
Read Jessica's story

Luke Fitzgerald

BSc (Hons) Computer Games Enterprise
Luke Fitzgerald standing on beach with ocean behind smiling at camera
Read Luke's story

Prithy Paramsothy

BA (Hons) Illustration
An illustration of the head of a female person, wearing a blue halter top with a cream jacket draped on right shoulder, standing in front of a smiling yellow cartoon sun with rays
Read Prithy's story

Sanna Karjalainen

BA (Hons) Fashion and Textile Design
Sanna Karjalainen sitting with legs crossed on the ground smiling at camera
Read Sanna's story

Sara Shuhaiber

BA (Hons) Musical Theatre
Sara Shuhaiber standing with mouth open in black and white image
Read Sara's story

Sarah Ryan

BSc (Hons) Computer Games Technology
Sarah Ryan standing with a salute with a plushie of a shark
Read Sarah's story

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