Caleb Johnston operating a video camera

Caleb's story

BA (Hons) Film Production

Before coming to university, I took a gap year, working as a media intern for my local church. It was a great space for me to build my portfolio and learn some filmmaking fundamentals. 

I believe I have changed considerably since I came to the University of Portsmouth because in the beginning, I thought there would be nothing better than becoming a director. However, I am now graduating realising that there is an alternative path for me, to become a cinematographer. Beforehand, my mindset used to be that I was always going to create passion projects that I’d be content with, but I didn’t take into consideration how I would make a living from that dream. I think the Film Production course was the perfect place to find out not only what I’m most passionate about, but also what I would enjoy making a living from.

I am currently looking at becoming a camera operator or camera assistant at a London-based film production company, although I think freelancing is a viable route too. I do feel equipped to go out and work independently, but a little more on-set experience never hurt anyone.

In the future, I see myself capturing short cinematic documentaries around the world, commercials, campaigns and perhaps shooting a few music videos here and there.