George Honeywell standing smiling at camera in the sun

George's story

BSc (Hons) Computer Games Technology

Before coming to the University of Portsmouth, I lived in London where I was working part-time and studying full-time. Working in video games has always been a strong passion of mine, so I decided to start studying again with the goal of going to university.

I created my own game without any prior development experience, but with determination and commitment, I finished the project within six months.  

The greatest challenge I faced while at university was the lack of project planning. I like to throw myself into the deep end without thinking out a strategy and I would later find myself losing track of the intended outcome of the project. Throughout my course, lecturers have shown me project management tools and offered me guidance on how to plan ahead and find any potential flaws before starting the development stage. The different methodologies that I’ve learned at university have improved my management skills drastically, which helped me organise coursework and personal projects. 

Now that I’ve finished my academic studies, finding employment within the games industry is my main goal. During my time at university, I’ve gathered the necessary skills and knowledge, which have prepared me for professional work. Getting a role within the industry will allow me to grow my skills further, improve my personal development and create games for a living.