Watch Madalena Cardoso's short film 'Summer Bliss'

My short film, Summer Bliss, tells the tale of a woman enjoying a blissful holiday somewhere in the Mediterranean. Everything seems to be heaven between red martinis and shopping trips. But behind this colourful façade, a dark and twisted secret is hidden deep underground, the premises of the luxurious summer house.

Summer Bliss is a short film about a woman on a relaxing vacation somewhere in the Mediterranean. Everything seems to be going well, from red martinis to shopping trips. A dark and twisted secret is hidden deep underground, on the premises of the luxurious summer house, behind this colorful façade. No dialogue.

Watch Justine Cabreza's short Animation film 'Reflection'

This abstract mood piece is about a girl’s psychological journey through fear and escape. Nothing is literal and is all for interpretation.

This film allowed me to experiment with different rigs, rendering lights and camera angles to portray a provoking story.

As much as I struggled to complete this film, I am proud that it turned out the best that I could do. I hope you enjoy it!

The featured abstract mood piece in this short animation film is about a girl's psychological journey through fear and escape; it is not meant to be literal and is intended for interpretation purposes only. No dialogue.

Watch Vlad Acatincai's Animation 2021 showreel

Vlad Acatincai's animation showreel

See Vlad's animation showreel. No dialogue.

Watch Brandon Mutton's Animation 2021 showreel

Brandon Mutton's Animation showreel

See some of Brandon's top work in this animation showreel. No dialogue.

Watch Animation film 'Qalupalik'

Qalupalik is a short animated film created as part of a second-year Animation Group Project.

The Qalupalik is a mythical creature from Inuit folklore, said to kidnap misbehaving children.

Production team

Kel Alexander | Alvaro Castro-Mendivil | Sean Dunkley | Vaughan Lee-Spring | Ty Martin | Ollie Parsons

Enjoy this short film, Qalupalik, produced by a group of second year animation students. No dialogue.

Catriona King's Artbook

Kellan Alexander's Artbook

Alvaro Castro-Mendivill's Artbook

Here you'll find work from our ‘Class of 2021’ BA (Hons) Animation students. Their dedication and resilience to overcome and adapt to the challenges of the past year resulted in a diverse range of excellent work, demonstrating their strong creative and technical skills.

We look forward to our Graduates joining our alumni who've worked at companies in the creative industries including Cartoon Network, Moving Picture Company, Framestore, Industrial Light & Magic, and Riot Games.

The Animation staff are extremely proud of our students' achievements. We look forward to hearing about their future endeavours. Well done and all the best!

Watch Eden Willis' short Animation film 'The Sea'

Eden Willis' final film 'The Sea'

Watch Eden's short film, 'The Sea'. No dialogue.

Watch Adrienne van Vuuren's Animation 2021 showreel

Adrienne van Vuuren's Animation showreel

See Adrienne van Vuuren's animation showreel. No dialogue.

Watch Cerys Stonely's short 'Tiny, the Eco-Friendly Turtle' - Digital Story Book

Cerys Stonely's final project 'Tiny, the Eco-Friendly Turtle'

Deep below the water where the sea creatures belong, 

Tiny the young turtle was swimming and having fun. 

His mum was watching close by as her baby swam about. 

Bright, colourful pieces were scattered all around. 

They almost looked like sweeties falling to the ground. 

Tiny was so curious he went to take a bite. 

Mother turtle swam right in - he sure gave her a fright! 

No my dear, you must’n’t eat them, they may seem rather beautiful 

But they won’t leave your tummy full 

The humans outside our world use our home as a dumping ground. 

I know, my dear, it’s very sad, but try not to frown .

Mummy, why don’t we stop them? Save our pretty home?

Stop these plastics getting here and get them to leave us alone?

The turtle family thought as they swam to and fro,

Until they had an idea to clean the world they know.

They spread out scattering seaweed flyers to get other creatures to help.

They all started to gather, holding bits of kelp.

One by one the plastics started to disappear,

But Tiny know they it come back as it’s humans they fear.

They need to help cut down on plastic use; be more sustainable. 


Don’t let Tiny’s world get worse - it will be too late if we don’t go first.

Swap single uses for reusables, cut down on packages things,

Tell your families and your friends to spread their eco wings.

We may not have started this, but this is our home too.

We can come together to keep fighting it forever.

Watch Evelina Sadleviciute's short Animation film 'Far Away'

Evelina Sadleviciute's final film 'Far Away'

Watch 'Far Away' by Evelina. No dialogue.

Watch Sudhir Rai's short Animation film 'Fantasy XII'

Sudhir Rai's final film 'Fantasy XII'

Enjoy Sudhir's short film, 'Fantasy XII'. No dialogue.

Watch Harry Peckett's Animation 2021 showreel

Harry Peckett's Animation showreel

Joel: Why didn't you just hang back like I told you to? 

Ellie: Well you're glad I didn't, right? 

Joel: I'm glad I didn't get my head blown off by a goddam kid. 

Ellie: You know what, no. How about 'Hey Ellie, I know it wasn't easy but it was either him or me! Thanks for saving me ass.' You got anything like that for me, Joel? 

Joel: We gotta get going. 

Watch Oliver Parsons's Animation 2021 showreel

Oliver Parsons's Animation showreel

Boy 1: How long is it going to take to find this spooky house of yours? 

Boy 2. You insisted on coming. 

Boy 2: This book says this is supposed to be the witch's house, but it doesn't look like anything in the photographs. 

Lady: Oh, that's just a myth. People have made up some horrible rumours about me being some witch. 

Watch Anna Obrecka's short Animation film 'One Missed Call'

Anna Obrecka's final film 'One Missed Call'

Watch Anna Obrecka's final film 'One Missed Call'. No dialogue. 

Watch Mario Noujeim's short 3D Animation film 'Intrusion'

Mario Noujeim's final film 'Intrusion'

Hi Mum, hi Dad. Hope you're having a good trip. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Bye! 

Watch Elvey Mensah-Afram's short Animation film 'Atmos Village'

My love of 3D modelling has grown over these past few years to the point that it's the area I want to specialise in.

This year I decided to do a 3D environment project to explore a concept of mine. I wanted to create an abandoned village hidden in the clouds that runs on natural energy. Working on my Atmos Village environment project not only helped my skills grow and taught me what I know, but it also taught me how much I don't know and how much I'm ready to learn. I've got a way to go but I'm proud of how Atmos has turned out.

Watch Elvey Mensah-Afram's short Animation film 'Atmos Village'. No dialogue.

Watch Charlotte McIntosh's Animation 2021 showreel

I loved getting the chance to learn new things and continue growing as an animator throughout my time at university. I mainly specialize in 3D animation especially with character animation and lip-sync animation.

The work I have included in my showreel is one of my favourite pieces throughout my journey within the course. The final film I did this year is based on a story I created over 5 years ago about the sun and the moon. This is a lip-sync animation of that story and with the help of my friend, Natalie, we brought that story to life.

Once up on a time when the universe was born...

Thank you. How lucky I have been to have had all of you... How lucky, indeed. 

Watch Rhianne Macswan's Animation 2021 showreel

Rhianne Macswan's Animation showreel

Watch Rhianne Macswan's Animation 2021 showreel. No dialogue. 

Watch Natalie Kusi-Aidoo's short Animation film 'Follow the Light'

Natalie Kusi-Aidoo's final film 'Follow the Light'

Watch Natalie Kusi-Aidoo's short Animation film 'Follow the Light'. No dialogue.

Watch Amber Jones' Animation 2021 showreel

Amber Jones' Animation showreel

Watch Amber Jones' Animation 2021 showreel. No dialogue.

Watch Spyros Glykys's short Animation film 'Alien Interview'

Spyros Glykys' final film 'Alien Interview'

[Alien's First Kiss - short film by Spyros Glykys]

Interviewer: Okay, first kiss or date story. 

Alien: I think it was when I was in high school.

Interviewer: Yeah. 

Alien: Freshman year. Yeah. I think I practiced on my hand and stuff, like... 

Interviewer: You actually did that? 

Alien: Yeah, just because like you see it in movies, in like sitcoms and stuff and you're just kinda like, errr.. and then you kinda like try to play it out in your head, and like it does not go as planned. And like I think I, I was so nervous that I like, squished her, like, you know how like you grab someone's face. I think I squished her face.  

Interviewer: Too tight. 

Alien: Yeah.

Interviewer: [Laughs]

Watch Manuela Fuccillo's Animation 2021 showreel

Manuela Fuccillo's Animation showreel

Watch Manuela Fuccillo's Animation 2021 showreel. No dialogue.

Watch Aurora Freir's Animation 2021 showreel

Aurora Freir's Animation showreel

Thank you kindly, your highness. Thank you kindly, your highness. 


Watch Nathaniel Chung's short Animation film 'Kill the Fear'

Nathaniel Chung's final film 'Kill the Fear'

Watch Nathaniel Chung's short Animation film 'Kill the Fear'. No dialogue.

Watch Iraklis Chrysanthou's short Animation film 'Jupo'

Iraklis Chrysanthou's final film 'Jupo'

Watch Iraklis Chrysanthou's short Animation film 'Jupo'. No dialogue.

Watch Oliver Addison's short Animation film 'Meant to Bee'

Oliver Addison's final film 'Meant to Bee'


Man: ...And it wasn't anywhere to be seen. And then I looked over to my neighbour's drive, and there it is. And I was like, that's my Lamborghini, and he was just shaking the keys at me and saying, 'Not anymore.' And I was like...

Watch Mark Adaka's short Animation film 'Electra the Wonder Girl'

Mark Adaka's final film 'Electra the Wonder Girl'

Electra: So it's been a hour 3 hours since we've been locked in this tiny room. 

Asteroid: Electra, it has been 12 minutes. 

E: Regardless, we should not have to suffer because that thing has infiltrated out ship. 

Nebula: And of course by 'infiltrated' you mean, you let them on the ship. Electra are you -

Electra: Is everyone accounted for? Nebula, Asteroid, Dedoid, Zenon, and Pineapple? Where's Pineapple Chunks? 

Pineapple: I'm here, Electra!

E: Oh, thank goodness. So... is anybody up for some karaoke? 

A: Electra! You just let a foreign alien aboard our ship. 

E: Yes, and it's out there and we're in here. 

A: My pizza was out there. 

N: Electra, honey, what was the one rule when visiting other planets?

E: Have fun and make memories? 

N: What? No!  Well, yes... but the second most important rule was to always wash your hands. 

E: Gees, whoever came up with that rule sounds boring. 

A: Erm, you did. You are the captain. 

N: So what now? 

E: Karaoke?

N: Electra! 

A: This is serious! We don't know where this creature is, and more importantly, what it is. It could destroy this ship for all we know. 

E: Okay, I'm sorry. You're right. Okay Nebula, I think I have a sample of the alien on my hands. You get to tracking him. Asteroid, you research if this thing has any weaknesses. Dedroid, Seynon - you find the weapons. And Pineapple - you sit back and look pretty, you l'il captain. 

P: I will, Electra. 

N: And what will you be doing? 

E: Super important captain things, if you don't mind. 

E: [cries] Oh what have I done? 

P: Hey, Electra. 

E: [screams] Omg, Pineapple, I'm so sorry - you startled me!

P: That's okay Electra, I'm made of pure muscle. 

E: So what's up? 

P: Am I gonna die, Electra? 

E: Oh. No, you're not gonna die. But if you do, it's not my fault. Hey, hey. Remember what I always say? 

P: If a monster's coming fast, kick him in the-

E: No, no! If an alien body comes your way...

P: Electra the Wondergirl will save the day. 

E: That's my boy. Now let's go check on the others.


E: Sup, homedogs.  

N: Electra, good thing you're here. 

A: It turns out this alien can possess other lifeforms. 

N: And even worse, signals indicate that an extraterrestrial presence is in radius. 

E: Nebs, you know I don't understand big words. English? 

N: It means the monster is in this room, right now. 

E: What? That's impossible. That means one of us is an imposter. 

P: [laughs evily] It is I. 

E: Pineapple, no! 

N: Who are you? 

P: Who am I? Ha! Your puny mortal brains can't process the power to even comprehend my name. 

E: Oh, try us. My name's Electra, his is Asteroid. And his is Zenonkebobulon. 

Z: The third. 

P: If you must know, it's Ben! 

E: Well, Ben, you mess with my Pineapple Chunks, you mess with me! Woah! Erm, Ash? Maybe you start looking up ways to defeat this thing.  

A: On it. You guys buy me some time. 

E: Come on, Nebula! 

N: On it. 

Z: Dude, I knew I should not have come on this ship. 

D: What? I thought space travelling was your dream, bruh? 

Z: No bro, it was your dream. I wanted to be an artist. 

D: Bro. 

Z: Bro. 

N: Electra, help! 

E: We're all gonna die! 

A: It's heat! It's weakness is heat. Woah! 

E: Deroid, Zenon, quick - crank up the heat!

Z: Huh? 

N: The heat! Turn it up! 

Z: I don't understand. 

A: The thermostat, it's behind you!

D: Woah, what do you mean? 

All: Turn up the heat! 

D: Dudes, let have a bit of rem plase. 

Z: Yeah, no need to shout. Woah! 

Ben: No!

E: Pineapple, are you ok? 

E: You're lucky you're cute. 

N: Well, well done, twins. 

D: What did we do?

N: I hope that this is a lesson well learnt, Electra. 

E: Hell, yeah! Pineapple's vomit actually smells a bit like candyfloss. 

[Outro music] 

Watch Ana-Francesca Chereches' short documentary about OCD

A short documentary that tells the story of two individuals suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder using abstract imagery, shapes and colours.

OCD is a mental illness with a lot of stigma around it. So, this doc focuses on the personal experience of trying to function when rituals, unwanted thoughts and isolation is part of your everyday life.

[The following short film doesn't qualify as as official diagnosis. If you experience symptoms please seek help from a medial professional.] 

[TW: flashing lights]

The moment that I realised that I had OCD was last year, when I was 20. 

When I started realising I got in a car accident and I started spiralling. 

When I'm having an episode it kinda feels like I'm like trapped. There's an intense fear that I have or realisation, there's no way out of it. And it's quite scary. 

I use the word 'spiral' a lot because that's kinda of how it feels. In my brain. It feels like an endless loop stuck on a track. I can't focus on anything, I'm not living life - I'm just stuck in my head. 

If people without OCD are walking on a floor; the floor has sort of disappeared from beneath me. Falling, whilst other people are kind of walking on solid ground. Almost like, a lack of shape. 

I'll obsess over something I did that probably wasn't even bad, or thinking I'm a bad person, you know, having to convince myself that I'm not. 

Just anything that's really like, taboo, an of a sexual nature - I tend to obsess about that sort of stuff a lot, and get quite scared about that and have episodes that revolved around that sort of thing. 

I always check my car when I get out. I make sure it's perfect. I'll spend hours looking at something because it doesn't look perfect, thinking that looking at it will change it. 

I'd basically not leave my house too often. There were too many things that would trigger me. Part of my avoidant behaviours were related to work that I had to do at university and I stopped going to those classes. 

I quit my job because of my OCD. I couldn't really function in my job to be honest. You feel stupid for doing it but you can't stop.

I felt like I didn't even serve help because part of the nature of the condition is that it tends to make you feel like you're a horrible person. 

When you have a disorder that takes so many forms, people only know what they think they know about it, and so they either won't believe you, won't understand it, and it'll cause them to stress.  

I was in a really horrible, almost non-functional state, and now I consider myself to be mostly recovered. I still actually plan to have CBT therapy anyway, because I think it will prevent me from relapsing. I believe that recovery is possible for OCD. 


[You are not alone.]

Watch Vaughan Lee-Spring's short Animation film 'Fruiting Bodies'

Fruiting Bodies: A mushroom goes about its duties before stumbling across the destruction us humans have created for our planet. The mushroom ventures into the wasteland to seek a solution.

Watch Vaughan Lee-Spring's short Animation film 'Fruiting Bodies'. No dialogue. 

Watch Imogene Goodman's short Animation film 'Nothing Special'

In my final film, Nothing Special, we follow a character on an everyday journey as they learn to stop and notice the world around them. In doing so, they can find a small pocket of happiness in the beauty of the mundane.

For the project, I used the Grease Pencil tool in Blender to create the character and their world.

Watch Imogene Goodman's short Animation film 'Nothing Special'. No dialogue.

Watch Roma Blay's Animation 2021 showreel

My final major project is a virtual reality experience in collaboration with P&G's 50L home environmental sustainability initiative, which aims to tackle in-home urban water waste.

I was inspired to take on the project when I learnt that we use, on average, a startling 250 litres of water a day!

Beginning in outer space and ending in an interactive home, you will experience water's journey. You move through these immersive environments completing activities to learn more about the initiative and how you can develop sustainable water habits.

Watch Roma Blay's Animation 2021 showreel. No dialogue.

Watch our BA (Hons) Animation Graduate Show 2021 showreel

We've picked some of the best work from our 2021 graduates so you can get a taste of what you can achieve by studying Animation at Portsmouth.

Watch our BA (Hons) Animation Graduate Show 2021 showreel. No dialogue. 

Watch Ellie Ball's 2021 fashion film

Ellie Ball's 2021 fashion film.

Ellie Ball's fashion film - 'Armed Femininity', set to music and showing a model posing in the grounds of a castle.

Watch Rita Rodrigues' 2021 fashion film

Rita Rodrigues's 2021 fashion film

Rita Rodrigues's fashion film - 'Enough', set to music and showing a model posing in a series of industrial and urban locations. No dialogue.