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Featured: Hybrid Cluster Units design by Rebecca Talbot

Our students began their three-year journey by becoming aware, understanding, and acquiring key knowledge and expertise about Architecture

Though the discipline's 'product' is deeply entangled with both 'big' issues and everyday lives, it’s engaged with various interconnected ecologies, including those of the environment, culture, economy, politics, and aesthetic.

For their final year, our students have produced inventive and well-informed design speculations and proposals. They’ve also integrated technology and professional practice (with some choosing to incorporate humanities in their dissertations), and through studio projects, they’ve developed their understanding of architecture as situated ecologies of multiple ‘actors’.


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Amy Blencoe

A mixed-use residential, commercial, and office building based in Peckham which accommodates a variety of guests/ residents. From the rich culture that Peckham already exhibits, this project aims to showcase this alongside reducing crime within the area.
Research shows that Rye Lane faces problem areas with crime occurrences and through opening the space with this scheme, communities can come together and use the mixed space.

The use of different materials to bind the building with its landscape represent the numerous functions as well as creativity of Peckham, and walls have been dedicated for creative freedom with murals and graffiti art.

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Chen Yee Wong

Futuristic architecture design

Project info

The project is a figurative and narrative-driven, antithesis of Jonathan Swift's Gulliver's Travels (1726) to Laputa (third voyage). The project aims to neither empower any specific cultures in the diverse population of Peckham, but to erase the deep socio-political and economic prejudices. 

This speculative urbanism about the love for integration and self-sustainability is a new and alternate inhabitable biosphere for the city. It depicts an eco-centric aerial community with possibilities of rainwater catchers, converters of greenhouse gases into fuel and useful chemicals, solar gardens, and mainly residential units (to accommodate population growth) which collectively offers security, public spaces and environmental awareness to residents of Peckham regardless of cultural backgrounds.

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Benjamin Hanger

The Vocal Symbiote is a combination of my research and interests accumulated throughout BA3. The program builds on ideas from Major: Project Preparation; the scheme houses a hybrid of residential and urban farming as part of a project to encourage Peckham to get talking, with the output being a podcast created within the heart of the building. The concept, the symbiot, came from the principal purpose to convert noise from bad to good. It provides mutual benefit to the building by absorbing noise and creating energy from it, daylight and wind control, all the while housing an ideal environment for community building amongst a new living and production centre.
Design allowed me to continue to express my interest in Sci-Fi and future technologies, as well as develop an understanding of parametric design through the design of the symbiot, generated in Grasshopper.

Architecture drawing
Building inner structure design
Architecture concept
Architecture music house design
Building inner structure design

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