A collage of a lion by a tree with surrounding flora - by Wilson Tavares

Graduate 2021 Showcase

Featured: 'An Old Phone a Day Keeps the Illegal Logger Away' by Wilson Tavares

On our BSc (Hons) Digital Media degree course, students create engaging digital experiences across a variety of platforms and mediums, combining creativity and the necessary digital skills to bring ideas to life.

Through research, design and development, user experience and research, or digital design, students demonstrate the breadth and depth of skills they need to meet the creative, professional, practical and technical demands of the digital industry. Diversity is a sign of the flexibility and freedom students have to explore their own digital creative practice.

It's been a challenging year for all students, but we're extremely proud of their accomplishments. We wish them all the best in their future endeavours!


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Thomas Packham

Watch Thomas Packham's Communication Design video 'The Earth Is Dying'

Thomas Packham's video 'The Earth Is Dying'

The earth is dying. The air is polluted and the world is getting hotter. Global warming is a direct consequence of the greenhouse effect, which is produced by the high emission of CO2 and anything into the atmosphere. This build up of pollutants causes smog. Sulphurous and photochemical smog both extremely dangerous and harmful to health. As the ice masses of the poles melt, sea levels rise, many animals species are threatened, the deforestation and poor soil quality. Also mean that disappearance of ecosystems inhabitants, resulting in behaviour changes of many wild species, contaminated water and gases seep in to the earth, Changing the composition of soils and the food we all eat, This could all change. We have to start using less fossil fuels. Turn off lights when you are not using them and try walking, cycling, take bus and train, be more energy efficient. The change starts with you.



Watch Thomas Packham's Digital Media 2021 showreel

Thomas Packham's showreel

['Graduate Show 2021']


A montage of digital media work set to moody electronic music.


['Girls in the crowd']

['Hands on me']

['A new foe has appeared! 
Challenger approaching']

['Character select 


['Music & Visuals by
@tompackham / @txpstudios']


Wilson Tavares - "An Old Phone a Day Keeps the Illegal Logger Away"

I wanted this infographic to quickly catch the readers' attention and let them observe the small details in the poster.

Wilson Tavares, BSc (Hons) Digital Media, 2021

Deforestation infographics

Step by step guide on how Rainforest Connection builds acoustic monitoring systems using old cellphones to protect rainforests from illegal deforestation.

deforestation infographics
  1. Installing the device on tree canopy
  2. Monitoring the sounds of chainsaws and logging tracks nearly a mile away
  3. Notifying local authorities if any suspicious sounds are detected
  4. Helping the communities to reach out to authorities with evidence
deforestation infographics
  • Causes of Illegal Logging
  • Effects of Illegal Logging
  • Solutions to Illegal Logging

Watch Wilson Tavares' Communication Design video 'An Old Phone a Day Keeps the Illegal Logger Away'

Deforestation Motion Graphics

The motion graphic is an extension of the infographics poster. It aimed to give more details about the organisation that aims to end deforestation by recycling old cell phones.

Through motion graphics, BSc (Hons) Digital Media graduate Wilson Tavares explains how the organisation Rainforest Connection aims to end deforestation by recycling old phones, and the benefits of doing so.


Molly Munro - "Data Visualisation"

Watch Molly Munro's Data visualisation

When watching the rugby world cup match and team statistics, I saw that for national teams there were surprising amounts of international players. This got me thinking: does this affect how the team plays?

This project required an interactive poster that showcased data pulled from a server using PHP to fetch the information.  JQuery, Javascript and PHP allowed for the data tables to be dynamically updated.

['Graduate Show 2021']

A video demonstration of a data interface, showing international rugby team statistics headed with the 'Rugby World Cup' logo. The first screen is a table with columns are sortable by the headers 'ID', 'World Ranking', 'Team', 'Foreign Players', and 'Total Points'. The second screen is a line graph panel with country filters on the right of it.

UX User Experience Design
branding guide colour


Pelin Demir - "Deforestation"

For the Communication Design module, we were asked to create a static and a motion infographic for raising awareness on the climate issues our world is facing. I chose to focus on deforestation that has been an ongoing issue for many decades. The static infographic explains the four main causes of deforestation and the destruction they cause. The motion graphic goes into more depth about the bigger problems.

Watch Pelin Demir's Communication Design video 'Deforestation'

Motion graphics that goes into more detail about the threats that deforestation poses to the environment, rainforests, animal and plant species.

How would you feel if your home was destroyed terrified? Anxious, curious. That's how these animals. Feel every day 80 of Earth's land animals and plants live in Forest and deforestation threatens. Almost all species living in these areas.
Deforestation is the cutting down of trees in large areas. All the destruction of forests by people. Deforestation has been a global environmental issue for a very long time for Generations. Now, people have been aware of the problems that it causes environmental issue for a very long time for Generations. Now, people have been aware of the problems that it causes. The reason for all this is to create the space for other Commodities that we use on a daily basis. One main cause is palm oil, palm oil can be found in 50% of packaged products. Even Nutella 17% of Amazon. Rainforest has been lost the amount reaches 25%. There won't be enough trees to cycle moisture through the rainforest that will cause the rainforest to degrade into a savannah. What will you do to help save our trees.

deforestation infographics

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