This collection represents some of the best film output from final-year students on the BA (Hons) Film Production course.

Over the past 18 months, Covid has presented a great many challenges to our students. This body of work demonstrates incredible resilience to adversity, and engages audiences through some very compelling short films in 2020 and 2021. 

In their final year, students take the skills and technical training gained throughout their three-year course and write, produce, film and edit ambitious 1315 minute short films. These shorts are collaborative works produced using industry-standard equipment under working conditions that simulate real-world professional practices.

Several of our final year students' films have won awards for technical excellence and have been shown at festivals in the UK and abroad. The industry-acknowledged quality of BA (Hons) Film Production output is a testament to the creative vision, dedication and passion of our student teams. The films our graduates make are calling cards, opening doors for them in feature films, television, and all areas of the screen industries.

Watch our BA (Hons) Film Production Graduate Show 2021 showreel

Class of 2021

Watch snippets of the best film projects and shorts from our 2021 final-year Film Production students.

[Grad Show 2021]

[BA FP, BA Film Production Portsmouth]

Speaker 1: Be careful on your bike ok. The roads are getting icy.

Speaker 2: Will do.

Speaker 3: You're not to paint anymore, it's doing you no good.

Speaker 4: But it helps me think.

Speaker 3: That is the very problem.

Speaker 5: Look what the cat dragged in.

Speaker 6: What cat?

Speaker 3: There's a fine line between escape and abandonment

Speaker 7: Just tell me.

Speaker 8: I'm in love with Noah.

Speaker 9: What the hell have you done?

Speaker 10: So uh, I guess you're not coming.

Speaker 11: Come on, give me one, two. Good, and again. Nice, and again.

Speaker 1: Even God has a day off every now and then. 

Speaker 12: Stay in the car.

Speaker 13: This is not funny.

Speaker 14: You really want me to stop smiling? You want me to mask my emotions, keep them bottled up inside just to make you feel better about yourself.

Speaker 13: What is your problem? We're here because of you.

Speaker 4: Does everybody only care about themselves?

Speaker 5: I know who you are.

Speaker 6: No you don't.

Speaker 15: I'm alone.

Speaker 16: No you're not.

Speaker 17: You know, I finally made it.

Speaker 18: I think we can really make something special here.

[University of Portsmouth]

Browse film production students' work

Watch Karle Webster's final year project

I have a real passion for conveying compelling stories interwoven with eye-catching visuals, all while creating a clean and elegant aesthetic.

Moving forward, I hope to work my way up from being a production assistant within the industry to one day, finally achieving my dream of being a director and screenwriter. Ultimately, I will look back at my time here at the University of Portsmouth fondly and simply look forward to wherever my next adventure will take me.

Karle Webster's showreel that portraits all of her best shots, that predominantly consist of close ups and convey elegant aesthetics.

Watch Cristian Ionut Necula's final year project

I aspire to be a cinematographer in the film industry, hoping to see my projects on the big screen one day. My camera department credits already include work on short films, music videos, commercials, and even a feature film. I continue to fuel my creativity through freelance work and my passion for analogue photography, while I put my technical expertise to good use in a new job at a film equipment rental company.

Thriller-like punk showreel by Cristian Ionut Necula. That well demonstrates his unique style.

Watch Ellie McKay Cross's final year project

I'm a London-based producer with credits in both fiction and documentary, as well as being a founding member of videography company Gone South Media. I hope to become a Line Producer in the industry, one day.

Heartful showreel by Ellie McKay Cross accompanied by Lofi music. It mostly consists of documentary shots.

Watch James Reilly's final year project

I'm a producer and casting director based in London. After graduating from the University with a First Class Honours, I'm looking forward to working on more exciting projects with talented filmmakers.

Eye-catchy showreel by James Reilley with brilliant actors play and unusual settings.

Film group work

Watch 'Crowded Town'

Created by: James Reilly (Producer), Benedict Webb (Director), Red Welsh (Writer), Ina Dungyova (Director of Photography), Lewis Weatherill-Podbury (Editor) 
Watch short group film 'Crowded Town'.

[Grad Show 2021]

Speaker 1: So, ah..., I guess you are not coming now?

Speaker 1: Yeah...

Speaker 1: I guess I see you when I go home

Speaker 1: I... I love you if...

[Crowded Town]

[Coming soon]

[University of Portsmouth, BA Film Production Portsmouth]

Watch Film Production 2021 - 'Are You Scared' trailer

Watch trailer for 'Are You Scared'


Mike is a video blogger who makes his money from immoral prank videos. After swindling his neighbour into giving him his computer printer, strange things begin to happen around him. Unique messages and strange phenomena push him to the edge and revive memories of an accident for which he was responsible.

Production team

Yifan Xu (Director) | Kunwen Chen (Director of Photography) | Junmeng Hua (Writer) | Haokai Yang (Editor/Producer)

Disclaimer: This video contains strong language

[Grad Show 2021]

[Directed by Ivan Xu]

Speaker 1: Are you sure these documents are right?

[Written by Alsie Hua]

Speaker 1: Are you sure?

[Producer Kai Yang]

Speaker 1: The fuck are you?

[Director of photography Owen. C]

[Produced by Alsie Hua, Ivan Xu, Kai Yang and Owen. C]

Speaker 1: Hey! What the hell are you doing this for?

Speaker 1: Give me a break.

[Are You Scared]

[Coming soon]

[University of Portsmouth, BA Film Production Portsmouth]

Watch 'Holy Grail'

Created by: Callum Swainston (Director/Writer), James Vine (Producer), Eddy Wilde (Editor), Cameron Hay (Director of Photography)
Two government agents are put to the test when the combination of a ruthless terrorist, a  psychedelic drug and their own deepest insecurities will force them to make amends to  their broken relationship in order to survive the night.

[Grad Show 2021]

[Directed/ Writted by Callum Swainston]

Speaker 1: Shut... What is your problem?

Speaker 2: We're here because of you!

Speaker 2: I am about to get water bottled by a bloody terrorist!.. cause of you!

Speaker 1: I highly doubt they go down to water bottle

[Someone picking up the phone]

Speaker 1 and 2: [laughing]

Speaker 2: Maybe we just get our ... chopped off res of wonton style?!

[Holy Grail]

[Coming soon]

[University of Portsmouth, BA Film Production Portsmouth]

Watch 'Sleuth'

Created by: Ellie McKay-Cross (Producer), Jaspar Cumiskey (Writer/Director), Tom Aldous (Editor), Michael Manning (Sound), Barnaby Rye (Director of Photography)
Watch short group film 'Sleuth'.

[Grad Show 2021]

Speaker 1: I've spent the night and the early morning planning over a case. A case of my best boom.

Speaker 1: Trapped in an endless loop. All of those memories and moments, lust in an instant.

Speaker 1: The city makes me sick.


[Coming soon]

[University of Portsmouth, BA Film Production Portsmouth]

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