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Seeking to diversify her career, Kabari chose a Master’s that sets her up to pursue success in a range of new industries.

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I have extensive experience as a process engineer in the oil and gas industry. But I wanted to diversify my professional career. I chose MSc Advanced Manufacturing to expand my knowledge of the manufacturing industry. 

The University of Portsmouth offered my chosen course and has a lot of successful career stories. It is a course with well-structured content and staff with expertise. 

In fact, the course equips me with the skills required for a large number of industries. It is a profession that is in demand, so it has a lot of career opportunities. 


Supportive staff who make learning easier 

I did not have a mechanical engineering background but the expert staff and module content at Portsmouth have helped me cover any lapses. The supportive staff have made learning and understanding the course easier, which has helped me. 

If you are passionate about what you want to do in life, give the University of Portsmouth the opportunity to provide you with the required skills and knowledge that will aid you to start a career.


The University will give you a foundation and support you to build experience that can give you a better quality of life.

Kabari Okafor, MSc Advanced Manufacturing

I love the fact that the course content covers the key details that will aid me to start off a career in manufacturing. I also appreciate that the flexible learning structure helps me manage my time as both a student and a mother. 


A great quality of life in Portsmouth 

I am studying with my family here with me. We live in a rented apartment in Southsea, which is quite close to the University. 


As well as the course, I chose Portsmouth because of the city’s serenity, quality of life, diverse transport connections and leisure attractions for my family.

Kabari Okafor, MSc Advanced Manufacturing

With flexible lectures and a free bus, I can get my boys to school on time, attend my lectures and get home on time to pick the kids up from school. 

On weekends, we usually visit the parks and the beach, which the kids love so much. We do some shopping as the city centre is quite close to us. We also get to eat out in different restaurants in the heart of the city.

Another amazing thing is that the University Library is open 24 hours a day during term time, so I get to do some reading when I am not attending to my family. 

After I graduate, I hope to get an opportunity to apply my skills and knowledge in the manufacturing industry. I aim to build a career into managerial roles, so I can give back to my community and, of course, support my family.