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Introducing SOLVE magazine

We all experience the accelerating pace of change in the world around us.

It can be exciting and unnerving in equal measure because change tests our capacity to adjust, to problem-solve and to turn challenges into opportunities.

This need to adapt leads us on journeys of discovery, and universities are at the heart of such new knowledge because of our role in researching innovative solutions to the worlds’ biggest challenges and questions.

These journeys are the raison d’etre for a university.

Those of us who are engaged in this endeavour also have a responsibility to communicate what we are learning. Only by sharing our knowledge will we succeed as a community and as a nation.

This is why the University of Portsmouth is producing SOLVE magazine – to share as scientists and educators our research and knowledge-building that stand to make a difference to the world.

The articles in this first issue of SOLVE cover just some of the extraordinary work by our research teams, including world-leading advances towards solving major environmental challengers on land and at sea. We are also making our communities safer and fairer.

Our acclaimed gender research, for example, goes far beyond analysing and reporting the social and economic cost of disempowerment; it introduces functional, positive change through innovative tools, processes, programmes and mindsets.

While the magazine highlights notable individuals, modern research and innovation is a team sport. We take a thematic approach that allows us to bring together cross-disciplinary groups to maximise research performance and impact.

Since the first day we opened our doors in 1908 as a municipal college and public library, we have looked towards the future.  That is the journey we are on and one we invite all to join.

Professor Graham Galbraith
Vice-Chancellor, University of Portsmouth

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Inside this issue

Plastic waste on a beach

Sustainability and Environment

The world is facing a tipping point in the relationship between people and nature that threatens planetary health and human wellbeing. Change is inevitable. The role of science and education is to ensure necessary economic and environmental transitions are positive.

In this issue of SOLVE, we highlight some of the journeys of discovery already underway:

Traditional dresses of South Asia


Gender equality has been a talking point for more than a century – and our systematic research is helping developing practical, workable strategies that can rectify gender inequity.

The research featured in this issue of SOLVE starts with gender – but shows how equality empowers all of society:

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