Staff with their awards

13 December 2022

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The Vice-Chancellor’s Awards for Excellence and the staff Long Service Awards were brought together at a joint celebratory event held in the Eldon Building on Thursday 8 December 2022.

The Vice-Chancellor’s Awards celebrate students, staff, alumni and members of the community who have made an exceptional contribution to the University, its values, its ambition and its success.

The Long Service Awards celebrate colleagues who have completed 25 and 40 years’ service at the University.

Two awards and nine commendations have been granted in recognition of staff and students who have made exceptional contributions during the past year, along with 34 Long Service Awards marking 25 years of service.

University Vice-Chancellor, Professor Graham Galbraith, said: “I’m extremely proud of our colleagues and students who have made exceptional contributions to the University in what has been a challenging and busy year.

“It’s quite incredible to see what has been accomplished. Some have exceeded expectations in their activities and others have devoted 25 years of dedicated service towards the success of the University. All have been rightly recognised for their hard work and dedication, and it’s great to see out the year with a celebration of their efforts.”

The awards ceremony took place in Eldon W1.11, followed by a celebratory lunch buffet in the University Learning Centre.

Award winners

Janani Sivabalan

Janani Sivabalan accepting her award from Graham Galbraith

Nominator summary: Janani is a Dental Hygiene Therapist Clinical Teaching Fellow and predominantly teaches students in patient clinics. She has, however, gone beyond her role to plan and execute dental clinics specifically for the homeless population of Portsmouth. She received funding through a competitive national dental research award and led the project by conceptualising, designing and delivering four dental clinics supported entirely by volunteer staff and students. A walk-in dental service for the homeless people in Portsmouth was provided on 4 separate days during November and December 2021. The clinic was supported by staff and hygiene, therapy and nursing student volunteers. Through 52 appointments dental treatment and emergency care was provided to 49 homeless people, including fillings and the removal of compromised teeth. Preventive care was offered to all patients who were also supplied with dental care products, including toothbrushes and toothpaste. Provision was also made for the longer-term care of these patients within the Dental Academy where appropriate.


Team UoP Executive Committee

Team UoP Executive Committee accepting award from Graham Galbraith

Nominator summary: The Team UoP Executive Committee (Exec.) are 6 dedicated volunteers, annually elected by their peers to work alongside Sport and Recreation staff. They’re responsible for the student voice, campaigns and education for the University’s student sports clubs known as ‘Team UoP’. Their roles cover all aspects of sport, from competition and performance, to raising the profile of sport, educating students both on and off the pitch, fundraising for national and local charities, and enhancing the University’s civic footprint by contributing to the local community. This year, the Exec. has helped Team UoP so far raise £31,000 for charity.

Commendation winners

  • Dr Robert Gausden for his contributions across several areas including innovation and engagement and optimising the student experience. Robert networks across faculties and his example is a positive one for his peers
  • Alex Donovan-Lowe for his work as one of the first People of the Global Majority (PGM) Ambassadors appointed by the Students' Union, addressing inequitable student outcomes and to ensure that the voices of minoritised ethnicity students are appropriately heard.
  • Careers and Employability Service Events Team for the organisation of an online Regional Careers Fair. which provided an opportunity for organisations to reach a talent pool of 120,000 students with minimal cost.
  • Dr Simon Kolstoe for his exceptional public engagement contribution to raising Covid health awareness and education.
  • Dr Tom Sykes for his inspirational teaching in CCI, exploring fresh avenues of writing and culture and contributing to many national and international magazines and publications.
  • Jade Underwood for her work enhancing student development and graduate outcomes, working to deliver her innovative “Employment guide” which will assist students with their career ambitions and graduate outcomes.
  • Dr Frank Ledwidge for his media engagement work since the start of the Russian-Ukraine war, giving dozens of interviews to a variety of outlets, in the UK and abroad.
  • Forensic Technician Team for its dedication to helping staff, students and prospective students within the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice.
  • Science and Health OfS Project Delivery Team for its exemplary project management of £2m capital investment to develop an interprofessional learning hub for healthcare students.

Long Service Awards

The following members of staff were presented with awards for 25 years of service at the University:

  • Dr Lucy Akehurst
  • Lynn Atkinson
  • Dr Jac Batey
  • Les Black
  • Guy Blundell
  • Paul Brookes
  • Dr James Brown
  • Professor Mark Button
  • Tina Chambers
  • Professor Simon Cragg
  • Mark Drew
  • Professor Pierre Failler
  • Glayne Graham
  • Linda Haggerty
  • David Hicks
  • Carole James
  • Nancy Jefferies
  • Peter Johnson
  • Professor Dylan Jones
  • Colin Lupton
  • Jodie Marsh
  • Karen Martin
  • Christine McCann
  • Dr Ayman Nassif
  • Professor Claire Nee
  • Susan Richardson
  • Paulo Saldanha
  • Kath Shakespeare
  • Professor Caroline Strevens
  • Mario Testa
  • Corrine Tilford
  • Guy Townsin
  • Dr Malcolm Whitworth
  • Anne Worden