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An exciting new series of Life Solved returns this Spring, with episodes tackling big topics from epic fails in space to zombie apocalypses

21 April 2023


Epic fails in space, zombie apocalypses, and the global plastic crisis are just some of the topics that feature in the new series of the University of Portsmouth podcast Life Solved, which returns this Spring. 

In each weekly episode, researchers talk in-depth about pioneering research, tackle thought-provoking questions, and explore life-changing innovations. 

Life Solved is set to spark conversation for curious thinkers and those who like to be in the know on the latest innovations in technology, medicine, the environment, social theory and beyond.

Research at the University of Portsmouth was rated as world-leading in the latest national assessment of the quality and impact of research in UK universities and is home to several high-profile innovation hubs, including the Institute of Cosmology and Gravitation, Revolution Plastics, and the Ivory Project.

Recording the first Life Solved episode in a podcast studio

Recording series 11 of Life Solved at Eldon Building, University of Portsmouth

The series will end with an exciting two-part look at global efforts to tackle the plastic crisis, featuring speakers from the upcoming Plastics Future Conference in Portsmouth (20-22 June), and The Revolution Continues event in London (June 14).

Professor Jeremy Howells, Pro Vice-Chancellor for Research and Innovation, said: “I’m proud to say the University's research and innovation culture is impacting lives today and in the future by addressing local, national and global challenges across science, technology, humanities, business and creative industries.

“The Life Solved podcast is not only an opportunity to lift the curtain on the incredible strides our staff and students are making in these areas, but also provides a platform to apply their expertise to challenges and topics affecting our day-to-day lives.”

Life Solved series 11 launched last week on Thursday (20 April) with an episode exploring some of the biggest mistakes made in space research and exploration that, while disappointing, have gone down in history as successful failures. From Apollo 13 to Elon Musk, when things go wrong it’s often headline news. But what if those ‘fails’ are exactly what’s needed to progress?

The remaining 7 episodes will run weekly, and cover a whole range of topics, from policing, plastics, a zombie apocalypse, ivory crime, jazz, and ethical true crime.

You can listen to Life Solved on all major podcast players, via Apple, Spotify, Castbox, Google Podcasts or other apps. Just search for ‘Life Solved’ and press the subscribe button. 

Life Solved is also available to stream via the University of Portsmouth website.

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