Five students from the University of Portsmouth will participate in an international livestream event covering the US elections.

Hosted by the University of South Wales, 13 universities worldwide will engage in a virtual 24-hour livestream debate and discussion on the US elections in the lead up to 4 November.

The participating students include: Layla Chishti, International Relations and Politics; Johannes Schweiger, International Relations and Politics; Reiss Sims, History; Victor Nzioka, International Relations; and Samantha Chihuri, International Relations.

While Victor organised the University’s involvement with the event and will be the debate moderator, Samantha will act behind the scenes as the team’s segment producer, keeping Victor updated for any current events that the others may speak about.  Layla, Reiss and Johannes all volunteered to be debaters.

There's always an opportunity for growth, and I'm excited to see exactly how it will all unfold.

Samantha Chihuri, International Relations student

During the livestream, the students will be on for 30 minutes on Wednesday 4 November, from 6:55 am. Layla, Reiss and Johannes will discuss topics such as how the coronavirus pandemic has affected the US Presidential election, as well as America's healthcare problem, economy, and all the events leading up to November.

Samantha said: “As to the outcome, I'm hoping that we come out of this having learnt new things, from the whole experience in itself, but also from the ideas we would be hearing and sharing.

“I am also hoping to represent the University well on the global stage. There's always an opportunity for growth, and I'm excited to see exactly how it will all unfold.”

This event will be sponsored by the British International Studies Association and will broadcast from the USW YouTube channel.