Episode 9: Oysters in the Solent - Cleaning up our waters

Holding a oyster shell. Life Solved logo and title.

Dr Joanne Preston talks about how she's been reintroducing native oysters into the Solent

  • 22 September 2020
  • 18 min listen

Dr Joanne Preston tells us how she's been reintroducing native oysters to the Solent with pioneering tech. The biodiversity and water quality benefits of these humble creatures can be astounding, but after years of over-fishing, is it possible to reintroduce them in the Solent and supercharge our waters once again?

Discover how she’s built special ‘cages’ to accommodate the new population and help overcome challenges to their settling and reproduction.

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If you push an ecosystem so far, if you lose too much biodiversity, then it loses resilience and it really loses resilience to future change.

Dr Joanne Preston, Principal Lecturer

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