Life solved 2022 census

Why is this snapshot of human life 100 years ago so exciting? What kind of insights have we been able to glimpse into this era?

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January 2022 brought a very exciting moment for interwar historians – professional and amateur alike. The 1921 Census includes a survey of 38 million people living in England and Wales. This period followed a global pandemic and saw economic instability between two world wars. A team of hundreds of conservators have been working to conserve and digitise these 30,000 bound volumes of documents. Now they’re available to us all online.

This time on Life Solved, Glenn Harris chats with Deborah Sugg Ryan, Professor of Design History and Theory and Dr Melanie Bassett, Research Fellow in Public Engagement about the insights revealed by these documents, and a few of the mysteries they've been following through the archives too!

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